With Compassion

Comprehensive Pennsylvania Probate Services

It’s a difficult and trying time right after a loved one passes. Each state has its own set of rules and regulations by which an estate must be transferred. It’s not always easy to navigate these legal waters. This time can also be confusing for family members.

The Help You Need When You Need It

We can help. With decades of experience in Monroeville and throughout Pennsylvania our team can answer your questions and guide you through this process to make it as time – and cost – effective as possible. Having a neutral, third party direct this process can lessen the tension and bring clarity to the process. No one has to be the “bad guy.”

Probate Assistance In A Variety Of Ways

There are a whole host of duties that need attending to after a loved one dies in Pennsylvania. We can assist with:

  • Pennsylvania inheritance tax
  • Pennsylvania home inheritance after death
  • Will contests and fraud
  • Executor functions and duties
  • Asset distribution
  • Debt payoffs
  • Funds due collection

Let Us Manage Your Probate Needs

A collaborative approach is key at Family Legal Center, LLC. We understand that going through probate and inheritance concerns can be stressful. From the moment you sit down in our office, you will feel comfortable and be assured of our diligent representation. We do everything that is needed to handle probate.

From getting sworn in as the administrator or executor to final conclusion and distribution of the estate, Family Legal Center, LLC, attorneys and staff will be there to guide you and make your life easier during this difficult time. Contact us at 412-843-0957 or toll-free at , and speak with an experienced Pennsylvania probate attorney. You can also email us your probate questions.