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Kelis and Nas continue to disagree over child custody

When children are involved, parents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere often need the assistance of a family law attorney following a divorce until any shared children reach the age of adulthood. Singer-songwriter Kelis and rapper Nas are examples of many parents who need family law legal assistance. Although the couple has been divorced for years, they continue to disagree over child custody.

Kelis is famous for her popular song "Milkshake." She and Nas were married in 2005, but their marriage ended four years later. The couple discovered they were expecting their only child together towards the end of their marriage. Their son is now six years old.

Father's rights: Audrina Patridge's husband seeks joint custody

The realities of marriage and dealing with the day-to-day life of one can be challenging for many Pennsylvania couples. Some parents may decide that life apart would be the best choice for all involved, but decisions can be difficult when it comes to their children. Proceeding with a divorce not only requires decisions on property division, financial support but also the finance and care of the couple's children. Corey Bohan is fighting for his father's rights during divorce negotiations and is seeking joint legal and physical custody of his daughter with Audrina Patridge.

News of Patridge's divorce surfaced again following recent social media posts she made. She posted hope to be positive in the new year in light of the tumultuous year she shared with her husband Bohan. Before the couple's first anniversary, Patridge filed for divorce.

Kevn McKidd's divorce finalized; child support agreement made

Sadly, many Pennsylvania couples determine that living apart is more beneficial than remaining in a marriage. When children are involved, the breakup can become painful and complicated. Despite a separation, some couples are able to maintain a co-parenting relationship and settle on a child support agreement that is beneficial for their children. Kevin McKidd and his wife, Jane Parker, recently finalized their divorce and from appearances, they appear to have reached an agreement that is in the best interest of their children.

The 44-year-old "Grey's Anatomy" actor plays the popular character Dr. Own Hunt. Approximately one year ago, he and his wife publicly announced their intentions to end their marriage. The couple reached an agreement and were officially divorced just days before Christmas.

Solider fights to regain child custody while deployed overseas

Custody battles in Pennsylvania and across the country are often argumentative and painful. Unfortunately, some parents do not feel that court-ordered custody arrangements are in the best interest of their child, making the process more difficult. One family in another state was recently disrupted by a temporary change in custody as a result of the primary parent's employment. 

The father of the child and his current wife had been the primary custodians of his son for years. Issues in the mother's past led to the father receiving primary custody when the boy was 2 years old. A judge recently reversed the previous order by granting the mother unexpected temporary custody of their son.

Can I appeal a divorce court ruling?

You went through the dissolution of marriage process. You tried so hard to reach a settlement through negotiations in order to avoid going to court, but it just did not work out in the end. Your divorce case ended up going to trial and a judge had the final say on your settlement terms. You do not believe the final terms will serve your best interests in the long run, particularly in regard to your alimony order. What can you do?

If you are one of the many Pennsylvania residents whose divorce terms were decided by a judge, you may feel you just have to take the terms as they are and move forward. This may not be true, however. Did you know you may have the right to file an appeal or at least seek a modification of the order?

High asset divorce: Alimony payments may change with new law

Pennsylvania couples who had become aware of possible changes in tax laws that impacted alimony payments may have been attempting to settle divorce agreements before the New Year. Fortunately, for many couples in the process of divorce, they have until the end of 2018 to finalize their divorce before the new laws will go into effect. Couples in the process of a high asset divorce may not be able to finalize prior to the end of 2018, considering the length of most divorces.

The timeline for finalizing divorces can range anywhere between 14 and 24 months. High asset divorces are likely on the longer end of the time frame to be finalized due to the complexity of most of the cases. Although another year has been provided before new tax laws will be enacted, some divorces will not be able to be finalized before the end of 2018.

Weinstein's wife may file for high asset divorce

Most divorces in Pennsylvania are understandably difficult for anyone involved. Not only do they elicit emotional pain, but the dividing of property, wealth and the care of children can make the process exponentially more difficult. When a high asset divorce occurs, the process can be long and may require many legal discussions. Although no official filings have been made, Harvey Weinstein's wife announced her intentions to divorce her husband.

Harvey Weinstein's marriage to Georgina Chapman is his second marriage, and he shares two young children with her. The couple has been married for 10 years, and each has found their own success. Weinstein's fortune is reportedly as much as $300 million, and Chapman's is at $20 million with the success of her designer clothing company, Marchesa.

$37,000 a month child support payments challenged after marriage

When any divorce is processed in Pennsylvania, there are usually more things to separate and divide than many couples understand. Many choose to have a family law attorney to assist them throughout the process. Some couples have more wealth than others, making the process exponentially more difficult. As with any couple, legal disagreements like spousal and child support may continue for years. Investor Andrew Left recently challenged his former wife's child support payments after she married billionaire Alan Salzman.

Child support is usually dependent on the parent's income and the needs of the children involved. The father in this circumstance was considerably wealthy and was required to pay his wife more money per month than many people make in a year. His payments, not including school tuition or healthcare, were approximately $37,000 per month. The court hearing occurred after his former wife married Alan Salzman, who gained considerable wealth after Tesla became a public company.

Child custody dispute centers on radicalization claims

When most couples go before a Pennsylvania family court to argue over the care and custody of a shared child, their legal positions are relatively standard. One parent often feels that he or she is better able to provide the care and attention a child needs. In some cases, however, a parent makes assertions that are far outside the norm. Such is the case in a recent child custody case in which a mother claims that her former husband is attempting to radicalize her son during visitation time.

The couple divorced in 2013 and share two children together. According to the woman, her former husband began embracing extreme interpretations of their Islamic faith during the marriage. He allegedly began demanding that she dress in a traditional manner and expressed his desire to take on an additional wife.

For millennials, property division is a part of wedding planning

Family law attorneys report that more and more young people are coming in for prenups prior to tying the knot. These young couples are serious about their commitment but also incredibly levelheaded about matters of financial responsibility and the risk of property division. Very often, drafting a prenup is simply another part of the wedding preparation checklist, for couples in Pennsylvania or elsewhere.

Many of these young people have waited to marry until after they've established themselves in their desired career field. Some have even found success with businesses or investments years before walking down the aisle. Because they bring considerable assets into the marriage, they have an interest in protecting that wealth from potential loss during property division.

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