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Can a high asset divorce be contagious?

Viruses and some diseases are contagious, but many people in Pennsylvania may not consider a divorce as something to catch from someone else. Despite what some may think, researchers, believe that there is an increased chance of going through a divorce if an individual has a friend or family member that has also been through the process. Individuals considering a high asset divorce may find comfort in the advice of an experienced family law attorney and the advice of someone who has also experienced hurt and pain.

Individuals who have begun the separation process may feel very alone. Research indicates that individuals may not be as alone as they feel because people are 75 percent more likely to become divorced if they have a friend that has been through a similar ordeal. Typically, a relationship is already unstable for a friend's experience to influence another to consider a divorce.

What factors may predict a high asset divorce?

When a couple decides to legally marry, they most often join households, families, finances and more. As well as the physical joining of their previous separate lives, many couples also join together families, different perspectives on how to live and different processes for handling conflict. Sometimes, the differences that couples merge together are difficult to overcome. Couples considering a high asset divorce in Pennsylvania may be interested to learn that studies show that there may several things that will predict the likelihood of a divorce.

Researchers have discovered over the years that the level of education can impact a couple's likelihood to maintain a successful marriage. If individuals do not graduate high school, chances of divorce increase. It is assumed that a lower education often results in a harder lifestyle and working conditions that often impact a marriage and happiness.

Do your chances of divorce increase when a friend divorces?

You may have always been the friend to offer support whenever someone needed it. However, when one of your friends informed you of his or her pending divorce, you may instead have had the sudden desire to distance yourself from the situation. If so, you are not alone.

According to a recent study from researchers at multiple universities, some connection exists between your friends' divorces and your likelihood of getting divorced. As a result, many people may distance themselves from those who are ending their marriages for fear that they will be the next to go through the legal process.

How can an high asset divorce affect a child's college plans?

Many children in Pennsylvania aspire to attend college following their high school graduation. While most parents would agree that a college education is a significant benefit to their child's future, it is often difficult to keep it in mind when negotiating a high asset divorce. Because children's college education is often an afterthought during divorce negotiations, many college students of divorced parents often finance the majority of tuition themselves.

Financial advisors who frequently assist families who have processed a divorce share information that, despite some financial strain following a divorce, a college education can be affordable. Some encourage individuals in the process of divorce to speak with experts and attorneys about including college plans as part of the divorce decree and terms. In addition to pre-planning for college expenses, families and students who research the best school for their family finances, and the best school that fits a student's needs, may also prevent excessive college tuition loans and bills.

Father ordered to pay $26,283 in unpaid child support

Single parents can likely attest to the difficulty of raising a child and/or children alone without the other parent. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania family courts understand the financial and physical burden that raising children can be and often orders a non-custodial parent to financially support with monthly child support payments. Child support payments are usually determined after a judge examines the facts of a case and uses a set formula to help determine payment in relation to the non-custodial parent's income. For unknown reasons, a man in a nearby state did not make his ordered payments for eight years and recently pleaded guilty in court to non-payment.

The father was arrested for an unrelated assault charge in 2017. After his release, he was arrested for not paying child support. Court records indicate his payments have accumulated to be $26,283.83.

High asset divorce may be ending a Christmas tradition for town

The public perception many couples display to friends and family is often not what is happening behind closed doors. Sadly, many couples do not share the love and respect for one another that they may appear to have in front of others, and some couples may determine a divorce is in their best interest. Pennsylvania couples may be interested in one couple's pending high asset divorce and how it may affect a beloved community tradition.

The couple has been married for 27 years and has gained community fame due to their elaborate yearly Christmas light decoration. The light display typically includes 200,000 lights, a Ferris wheel and Santa's workshop, but it will not be built this year. The couple is beginning the process of a divorce, and the wife believes part of the reason may have included a disagreement concerning their son and decisions about his education. She claims that she was not aware of the serious issues in their marriage until her husband moved out of their home. 

Bethenny Frankel and former husband fight over child custody

Unfortunately, marriage disagreements do not always end when a divorce becomes final. Disagreements and the need for a family law attorney can extend well past a divorce, especially when children are involved. Pennsylvania residents anticipating a divorce and/or child custody discussion in their future may be interested in Bethenny Frankel's personal custody battle with her former husband two years following their divorce.

In 2010, the reality television star married her former husband Jason Hoppy. Not long after they were married, Frankel gave birth to their daughter Brynn. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2012 and finalized their divorce in 2016. Recently, Frankel requested to have primary custody of their daughter and full decision-making power.

High asset divorce: Attorneys can help with asset division

Some people may be able to improve their financial status by getting married. Unfortunately, the opposite is often not true. The divisions of assets, liabilities, income and expenses are often contested in a high asset divorce. Many couples considering a divorce find the advice of a Pennsylvania family law attorney invaluable when planning their financial future beyond a divorce.

Assets can be diversified, making it complicated for an individual to understand the best solution for a division. Couples often share cash, savings, bonds, investments, retirement accounts, mutual funds, real estate properties and more. Not all assets are equal as far as tax implications, which can make a division unfair if not divided correctly. Debt is also considered in the division, but different debts are handled differently, and spouses can sometimes remain responsible if the other spouse fails to pay a debt.

Attorneys can help with unique cases of child support

Pennsylvania family law attorneys understand that all families are different and many have unique circumstances. When two individuals share children, the issue of child support often comes up regardless of whether they are married, not married or processing a divorce. Because child support can be a sensitive and complicated topic, many individuals seek the advice of an experienced attorney.

When child support discussions begin, the first order of business is usually establishing the relationship of the parents to the child or children involved. Determining the mother's relationship in most cases depends on whether she gave birth to a child. Determining a father's paternity can be more involved and complicated, depending on the case. When couples are married and a child is born, the husband is presumed to be the father, but if couples are not married at birth, there is a legal process and form that can be filed through three different agencies to declare paternity. The most invasive way to determine paternity is through a DNA test, which typically involves testing all parties of the family, including the mother and child.

How should you tell your spouse you want a divorce?

Many people hesitate when it comes to breaking news that someone else might find difficult to accept. Recently, you may have found yourself in such a position after making the decision that you want to end your marriage. While you may feel that this choice is the obvious one, you may fear that your spouse will not feel the same way.

It can certainly be difficult to break the news of divorce when one party wants to move down this path while the other person does not. If you think this may fit your case, you may want to take the time to find the best way to tell your spouse that you want to end the marriage.

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