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Child custody and summer vacations: Things you should know

If you're a Pennsylvania parent who has recently divorced, you undoubtedly will continue to interact with your ex as you move on in life simply because you have children together and must correspond regarding their lives, provision and care. While it may seem odd at first to have to live in accordance with a written, court-approved parenting plan, it's the state's way of protecting the rights and interests of all involved. 

Summer vacation time tends to prompt many challenges when it comes to co-parenting after divorce. Even if you and your former spouses are on friendly terms, work schedules, personal preferences, extended family situations, finances and any number of other issues can interfere your ability to truly enjoy summer with your kids. There are several things you can to avoid major post-divorce trouble in summer. It's best to know your rights and how to quickly access support if needed.                 

Attorneys can help inviduals understand a high asset divorce

Reportedly, Angelina Jolie has felt frustration with the process of separating from her spouse Brad Pitt. Not having processed a high asset divorce before, she likely was unaware of ARTO, an automatic temporary restraining order that is in place to prevent one spouse from traveling with kids without the other spouse's consent through written permission or a court order. Once a divorce process begins in Pennsylvania there are several things a spouse must consider to prevent unnecessary hiccups or legal trouble.

Attorneys will guide a client through all the rules that must be considered with a couple's finances. A special court order is typically required for one spouse to sell or make any large financial transactions during the proceedings. Typically, only basic living expenses are approved, and large transactions such as selling a house, car, shopping sprees or investment changes must be approved by a court order.

Property division issues re divorce best handled by an attorney

Entering into a marriage is a big decision. Although most couples imagine growing old together, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. Because it is most often an emotional and painful process there are many mistakes that spouses make when negotiating the details of property division and divorce terms.  Pennsylvania couples considering a divorce may be interested in some tips of mistakes to avoid when getting a divorce.

There are multiple details to consider when processing a divorce. Spouses are encouraged to pay attention to all the details involved in a divorce even though it is easy to disengage. When children are involved and spouses must remain connected, tracking expenses, documentation and effective communication can foster a smoother co-parent situation. Documenting any issues with payments can assist a spouse struggling to receive financial assistance from another parent to make a case in court. Many parents find autopay payments helpful to ensure consistent payments to the other spouse.

Father neglects childs support payments but pays for storage

Most parents will attest that they want to best for the kids, which most often means financing their care, education and experiences. Unfortunately, not all parents agree to the same terms and care for their children, and some parents do not offer financial support. The lack of physical and/or monetary support from the other parent is typically stressful and often resorts to the use of a family attorney in Pennsylvania to intervene. Parents may be interested in one father's case that has made recent news due to his child support payments not being a financial priority.

The 30-year-old father has been in an unusual court case with his parents. Apparently, the man and his parents needed the court to intervene in his living situation at his parent's home. They wished him to move out, but he did not. According to the court, he has failed to prove if he has made enough of an effort to secure a job to pay for his own expenses. 

High asset divorce: Reality star talks about the heartache

Many couples enter into a marriage expecting a fairy tale and happily ever after, but the reality is that most marriages are not like the ones found in storybooks. Every marriage faces difficult times and, sadly, some couples are not able to overcome the obstacles they face. When couples are not able to reconcile their differences, they often find relief in seeking a high asset divorce. Pennsylvania couples may be interested in one television reality star's honesty about the pain and emotion she is feeling through her divorce.

Kendra Wilkinson and her husband, Hank Basket, are in the process of obtaining a divorce. Wilkinson is a former Playboy model and Basket is a former football player, and both have appeared on reality television shows. Papers were filed in April, and Wilkinson recently began packing her home to make her own move. She made a public post detailing heartache over the end of her marriage. In a quote, she stated that her eight-year marriage was not the fairytale she had hoped it would be.

More women now paying alimony and child support

People often assume that the majority of child support payments are sent to mothers from fathers, but new data suggests a growing number of women are responsible for such payments. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial lawyers, 45 percent of lawyers saw an increase in women paying alimony while 54 percent saw an increase in mothers paying child support. These trends may impact family courts in Pennsylvania and across the United States.

One of the reasons for the shift is the increased earning power of women, who previously tended to make less than men and therefore were less likely to be on the hook for child support. Even after divorce, stay-at-home mothers tended to maintain the role of primary caregiver while fathers were breadwinners. This has shifted in recent years, with mothers being the primary breadwinners in four out of 10 U.S. families.

Child support: Plan for college expenses despite divorced

On average, college tuition in Pennsylvania and across the United States is increasing at a rate of about 3 percent every year. The cost of college tuition can be staggering if parents do not plan ahead. The average cost of a private school can be as much as $46,950 a year and public schools as much as $20,770 a year. Unfortunately, the costs of child support, alimony and double living expenses may make it tempting to delay saving for a child's college education.

When a divorce occurs, a family typically faces significant extra costs that they did not experience while married. Most families require two places to live and double the utility costs. In addition to added costs, one spouse may be ordered to pay child support and spousal support.

Man fights for fathers' rights in child support

Pennsylvania family courts often have a difficult job. Evidence and difference of opinions must be heard by both parties to determine the best options for child support and custody of shared children between divorcing spouses. One gubernatorial candidate in another state is claiming that his fathers' rights have been ignored by a family court in his divorce case, and he hopes to be elected to office to bring change and awareness that some fathers face.

The man has been married twice and has three children between the two marriages. Although he was recently ordered to pay child support fees that had been unpaid to his first wife of $15,989, he claims that the child support payments for his first child were reasonable. On the other hand, he claims that the child support payments for his other two children were not reasonable and has created significant financial stress.

What you need to know about the estate administration process

It can be extremely difficult for your Pennsylvania family when a loved one passes away. In addition to the grief you are experiencing, you may also have to walk through the process of settling his or her estate. Estate administration can be complex, especially if you are acting as the executor.

You may find it helpful to seek guidance as you walk through this potentially complex process. The steps you have to take in order to finalize the estate and move forward can be confusing and complicated, but with help, you may be able to avoid complications and move forward to a beneficial outcome in a timely manner.

Property division can be difficult during a gray divorce

In Pennsylvania and across the country, a 'gray divorce' is one where a couple the age of 50 ends their marriage. Statistics indicate that it is the only age group in which divorces are increasing. Because many couples over the age of 50 have been married for many years, property division and other aspects of a separation can prove to be difficult and typically require the help of a skilled family law attorney.

Because gray divorces are the only ones on the rise, many people are curious to discover the reason for the increase. Some point to the fact that people over the age of 50 are part of the baby boomer generation, many of whom are now in their retirement years. It is also speculated that the increase could be due to the fact that men and women are living longer, allowing for the increased possibility that the parties may choose to divorce. 

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