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What Happens If My Loved One Did Not Have A Will?

Last updated on September 1, 2022

Most people think they should probably settle their will at some point. It’s a wise move, but it’s an uncomfortable one. And sometimes, a person never gets around to it. When that happens, Pennsylvania law dictates what will happen with the estate.

At Family Legal Center, LLC, we have extensive experience in estate planning and probate law in Pennsylvania. Attorney Laura Cohen has developed a career as a professional guide and advocate for her clients in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. We listen to our clients with compassion and empathy and offer a way forward to secure their legal goals.

How Pennsylvania Resolves Estates Without A Will

A person who dies without an estate plan is said to have died “intestate.” When their estate goes through probate, the law relies on a set of guidelines – intestate law – to distribute assets to their family. In brief, it prioritizes close relations, such as a spouse or a child, over parents, siblings, cousins and other more distant relations.

Intestate law is extremely intricate, and if you have lost a loved one, you want to know where you stand. Our team can make this much easier on you. We can explain how the law works and what you can expect. We’ll act as your guide and advocate to help you through this process.

What You Can Count On From Family Legal Center, LLC

Probate administration services are complicated matters, and if Pennsylvania is handling the distribution, it can be highly frustrating. What we do is take on the frustrating matters of the Pennsylvania process for you. Since we are familiar with the law, we understand the legal necessities and deadlines ahead of you.

If you’ve lost a loved one who didn’t have a will, reach out to us. We promise to treat you and your family with the respect and care you deserve in this tough time. Call 412-843-0957 or send us an email to get started.