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What should you know about the estate administration process?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2018 | Estate Administration

When a person passes away, loved ones and other parties must deal with the responsibility of administering the estate. This is the process of gathering assets and distributing them according to the will. In some cases, estate administration can be quite complex, and if you are facing this task, it can be beneficial to learn more about what to expect from this process.

Pennsylvania readers know that when a person dies, someone must deal with his or her estate. This includes all assets, money and possessions. If you have the responsibility of administering an estate, you know this is an important and potentially complicated responsibility. You may find it helpful to seek experienced guidance as you navigate this process.

What happens during the administration process? 

In the course of administering an estate, there are certain things that have to happen. Some of the steps you can expect during the administration process include the following:

  • Probate: Probate does not always have to be a formal process. Sometimes, it can be as simple as completing paperwork, but when there are disputes over the will, a formal probate process may be necessary.
  • Inventory: One of the requirements of the estate administration process is to completely inventory the estate, accounting for all money and assets.
  • Distribution: The final step in this process is distributing the assets according to the terms of the will. It is necessary to first locate and notify all beneficiaries.

It can be difficult to navigate the process of administering an estate, especially during a time of grief or when there are disputes over the terms of the will. When you have help for this process, you can be certain you make the right decisions and do all of the things required of you as the administrator of the estate.

Avoiding mistakes and moving forward

If named the administrator of a loved one’s estate, you likely just want to do your job and move forward. When it comes to administering the estate of a loved one, it is important to avoid mistakes and try to avoid additional complications.

You may find it beneficial to seek help from the very beginning of the administration process, even if you do not anticipate disputes over the wills or other issues. When you have the experienced guidance of a knowledgeable legal ally, you can have the answers and information you need to move forward with confidence.