Lawyers in Pennsylvania and across the country are reporting a reduction in the divorce rate. According to statistics, the divorce rate may have lowered as much as 18 percent in the last ten years. When other factors that could inflate the rate are eliminated, the rate is still believed to be as much as eight percent. Although there has been a decrease in divorce, many attorneys report there is an increase in requests for prenuptial agreements, which can assist couples with property division if a divorce occurs.

Experts believe that the decrease in divorce may be related to how millennials are approaching marriage. Most millennials typically get married at an older age than previous generations. It is also believed that many millennials are more financially stable when they do get married. In addition, millennials may cohabitate until they are ready for marriage, delaying the process until they are ready.

It may be surprising to some, but education appears to factor into the marriage rates for women. Women who have college degrees are more likely to be married in their 40s than those with a high school degree. Experts also say that couples with college degrees are less likely to divorce as those who have a high school education or less.

All of this combined likely accounts for the increase in requests of prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements can help couples discuss and form agreements based their desires about debt repayment, property division and spousal support payments, if applicable. The right Pennsylvania family law attorney can assist any couple with their prenuptial agreement or divorce needs.