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We Listen With Compassion

We Listen With Compassion

Family law attorneys can fight for fathers’ rights

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Fathers' Rights |

It has not been uncommon for dads in some parts of the country to find themselves arrested and in jail on Father’s Day every year. Reports indicate that some states have chosen to institute Father’s Day raids to round up fathers who have not paid child support, while they are visiting their children. Because child support orders are mandated by the court, non-payment is often viewed as criminal. Dads who have been criminally charged would likely advise others in the divorce process to seek the help of a skilled Pennsylvania attorney who will advocate for a father’s rights before an official order is made.

Many fathers would likely attest that they desire to support and fund their children’s lives. Unfortunately, not all fathers have the financial ability to complete a mandated court order. Child support following a divorce is often difficult due to the expense of separating lives and additional expenses. In some cases, mothers are forced to seek government assistance when a father cannot financially provide for his children. 

As in many states, fathers in Pennsylvania can be placed in jail and fined for not paying their child support. States view unpaid child support as a debt to the state, as many children would not need government assistance if court-ordered payments were made. Unfortunately, jailing and fining a father who cannot already afford payments only creates a cycle of continued non-payments. Once an individual has been in jail, it is often difficult to obtain work that can provide the necessities of life and pay the owed debt to a state.

The right family law attorney in Pennsylvania will assist a father through the process of understanding child support agreements. Also, attorneys can provide clients with tools and other financial experts to understand their financial situation and adequately plan to aim to prevent future non-payments. An attorney who can advocate for a father’s rights prior to a court order, as well as keep the best interest of the children’s needs in mind, may assist a father from future legal trouble and advocate for a reasonable child support payment that will benefit a child.


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