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We Listen With Compassion

Kevn McKidd’s divorce finalized; child support agreement made

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2018 | Child Support |

Sadly, many Pennsylvania couples determine that living apart is more beneficial than remaining in a marriage. When children are involved, the breakup can become painful and complicated. Despite a separation, some couples are able to maintain a co-parenting relationship and settle on a child support agreement that is beneficial for their children. Kevin McKidd and his wife, Jane Parker, recently finalized their divorce and from appearances, they appear to have reached an agreement that is in the best interest of their children.

The 44-year-old “Grey’s Anatomy” actor plays the popular character Dr. Own Hunt. Approximately one year ago, he and his wife publicly announced their intentions to end their marriage. The couple reached an agreement and were officially divorced just days before Christmas.

Per the terms of their agreement, each will reside in separate homes, but they will continue to share ownership of the residence their children call home. The couple agreed on joint custody of their two teenage children, and each will split their agreed time with their children in their shared home (a child custody arrangement referred to as “nesting”). In addition, McKidd agreed to pay for private school tuition, summer camps and $22,440 monthly in child support. His wife does not leave the marriage empty-handed as she will receive $65,096 a month in spousal support as well as a percentage of his income in excess of $3 million. Once the child support payments cease when their children turn 18, he will owe spousal support to Parker for four more years.

Couples who wish to proceed through the divorce process as painlessly as possible often find the assistance of each obtaining a family lawyer helpful. Through the process a lawyer can advocate for the needs of the client. Pennsylvania family law attorneys often provide assistance through the years following a divorce, particularly when life circumstances warrant a change in custody arrangements, child or spousal support payments.  

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