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We Listen With Compassion

2 reality TV couples are pending a high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

Some of the reality television stars of “Married to Medicine” may be soon be married no more. Two different couples have recently announced the end of their marriages. Like many couples in Pennsylvania, they are likely relying upon legal assistance to help them navigate their high asset divorce.

Simone and Cecil Whitmore were reportedly considered a couple with a strong loving marriage when they began on the reality television show. Apparently, once inseparable, they eventually ended up living in two different homes. The marital issues were not hidden on the show, and the couple appeared to be working toward a resolution. According to Simone, they neglected to maintain marriage counseling sessions, which further weakened the couple’s relationship. The couple shares two sons, ages 19 and 15.

Another one of the couples on the show also has a pending divorce. Jacqueline Walters filed for divorce from her husband earlier in 2017. Apparently, Jacqueline discovered that her husband, Curtis Berry, had an affair, and Walters filed for divorce within three days of learning of the infidelity.

Fortunately, most Pennsylvania couples do not have to explain to media sources the details of a divorce. It is certainly difficult to experience the end of any relationship, and it must be painful to process heartache in the public eye as these reality television stars must do. Although most divorces have some complexities to address, those who are navigating a high asset divorce find particular comfort in having an experienced family law attorney to assist them through the process and to be informed of all areas that need to be addressed with a spouse. 

Source: People, “Married to Medicine: Simone Whitmore Divorcing Cecil Whitmore“, Dave Quinn, Jan. 25, 2018


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