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We Listen With Compassion

$37,000 a month child support payments challenged after marriage

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2017 | Child Support |

When any divorce is processed in Pennsylvania, there are usually more things to separate and divide than many couples understand. Many choose to have a family law attorney to assist them throughout the process. Some couples have more wealth than others, making the process exponentially more difficult. As with any couple, legal disagreements like spousal and child support may continue for years. Investor Andrew Left recently challenged his former wife’s child support payments after she married billionaire Alan Salzman.

Child support is usually dependent on the parent’s income and the needs of the children involved. The father in this circumstance was considerably wealthy and was required to pay his wife more money per month than many people make in a year. His payments, not including school tuition or healthcare, were approximately $37,000 per month. The court hearing occurred after his former wife married Alan Salzman, who gained considerable wealth after Tesla became a public company.

The former wife signed a prenuptial agreement with her new husband and agreed to pay half her new husband’s monthly expenses for his $20 million mansion. The monthly expenses were estimated to be around $16,000, and the payment was only required when her children would live with them at least half of the time. Because Left did not agree that child support payments should be used to pay Salzman’s expenses, he requested a decrease in payments to $10,000 a month.

The family law judge in this circumstance did not agree with the father, and Left was ordered to continue his payments as originally agreed. As in this case, legal issues and agreements do not end the day divorce papers are signed, and many couples require the assistance of an attorney for years. Pennsylvania family law attorneys can assist anyone who is planning to file for divorce or who needs assistance in the years following.

Source:, “Tycoons battle over kids’ $37K a month child support payments“, Carlton English, Dec. 12, 2017


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