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We Listen With Compassion

We Listen With Compassion

Child custody laws are changing across the country

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2016 | Child Custody |

For many parents, divorce and its causes create an atmosphere of animosity so strong that any civil communication with each other is nearly impossible. When child custody is involved, tensions may run too high to effectively parent as a team. However, many parents in Pennsylvania and across the country are attempting to create more cooperative relationships with their ex partners in order to make life after divorce the best possible situation for their children.

In past generations, the prevailing thought was that children needed their mothers while they were young, and fathers were relegated to visitor status. That tide is turning in the wake of reports revealing the detrimental effects of parental alienation. This occurs when one parent — according to reports, usually the mother — turns the children against the other. Advocates believe that shared parenting allows children significant time with each parent, creating more meaningful relationships with both.

The philosophy of shared parenting is gaining momentum as more states pass laws requiring courts to disregard the gender of the parents when making custody decisions. While a 50/50 sharing may not always be possible, the reforms allow parents more flexibility. This may maintain some normality for the child who may be traumatized by the divorce of his or her parents.

While not every state has accepted the idea of child custody reform, Pennsylvania and others are moving toward it. Meanwhile, many parents who feel they are being alienated from their children because of unfair custody orders can contact their attorneys for help. Legal advice from an experienced attorney is beneficial when seeking a positive resolution.

Source:, “Shared Parenting Law Latest News & Updates: Why Child Custody Law Reform Is Happening All Over The US“, Kristine Walker, Sept. 6, 2016


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