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Dealing with an ex who excessively spoils your kids

Parenting is difficult enough without feeling as though you can't keep up with an ex who buys extravagant gifts or seems to disregard rules that you have at your home. Your ex may shower the kids with items you planned to give them for a birthday or Christmas, let them watch movies you don't approve of or stay up so late that they simply roll over the next morning when it's time to get up for school.

You may feel discouraged about the items your kids get or trips they take. However, remember that when your child has a rotten day at school, can't sleep because of a nightmare or skins his or her knee, you are the one who will be there for them.

Don't try to compete with your ex, especially financially if you don't have the means or feel that the latest electronic gizmo is not needed just yet. When he or she takes the kids away for a trip, remember that it's you who shuffles them from baseball practice to birthday parties to parent-teacher conferences.

When it comes to your home's rules, such as set bedtimes, keep those consistent and realize that your ex is allowed to have his or her own house rules. From limiting the amount of time a child is allowed on the computer to his or her bed being made in the morning, these rules will help keep the daily routine at your home.

Deviations may feel as though your ex is "winning," but parenting isn't a game. Concentrate on being a good, solid parent and building strong relationships with your children. If you believe that the other parent's child-rearing techniques might harm your kids, though, it may be time to head back to court to get a child custody or visitation modification order.

Source: Huffington Post, "How To Deal When Your Ex Is A Disneyland Dad," Brittany Wong, Oct. 02, 2015

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