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Frequently Asked Questions About Pennsylvania Probate

When a loved one dies, there may be numerous financial and administrative tasks to administer. At Family Legal Center, LLC, located in Monroeville, PA, our respected probate lawyer can help manage the probate process from start to finish, taking the burden away from you.

What is Pennsylvania’s inheritance tax?
Pennsylvania has unique laws. Any items individually owned by one person that are being transferred to someone else will have an inheritance tax of 0 to 15 percent. This tax is dependent on who is receiving the money; spouses do not have to pay inheritance tax. Lineal descendants, such as a child or grandchild, pay 4.5 percent; a sibling pays 12.5 percent; and everyone else pays 15 percent. This is taxed from dollar one. A seasoned attorney will know the deductions you can take to lower your tax burden.

When are inheritance taxes due?
Pennsylvania inheritance taxes are due nine months after the date of death. This is why it is imperative to have an attorney assist you in handling the estate in a timely fashion so that the inheritance taxes are paid on time.

What if I have inherited my parents’ home?
If both owners are deceased and the house is sold or you just decide to keep it, the value of the property is taxable for inheritance tax purposes. However, there are many deductions that can be taken on the inheritance tax return to lower the tax burden. Deductible costs may include:

  • Closing costs on the sale of real property
  • Funeral expenses
  • Court fees for the administration of the estate
  • Lawyer fees for the administration of the estate
  • Debts paid by the estate on behalf of the decedent

A skilled probate lawyer can assist with every detail regarding probate, including seeking out legitimate ways to keep a lower tax liability.

I am an executor of my uncle’s estate, where should I start?
Start the process by calling our experienced probate law office. We can work with you to administer every step of the probate process, including:

  • Opening bank accounts
  • Paying debts
  • Handling expenses
  • Preparing taxes
  • Timely filing of required court documents
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

We are extensively experienced in all probate matters and will work tirelessly to process your loved one’s estate. Let us do the difficult work so you can spend time mourning with your family. As always, we care about your needs and will strive for the best possible results.

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An organized approach is key. We understand that going through probate and inheritance concerns can be stressful. From the moment you sit down in our office, you will feel comfortable and be assured of our competent representation. If you have additional questions, contact us at 412-843-0957 or complete an online contact form.