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When Collaborative Law Is The Right Choice

Taking the first steps in obtaining a divorce can be difficult. Most prefer a divorce that is more amicable and remains out of the courtroom. If you would like a divorce that can be quicker, is less costly and does not involve court, a collaborative divorce may be right for you.

At Family Legal Center, LLC, in Monroeville, we are dedicated to helping you resolve your divorce with the least amount of strife. Laura Cohen is an experienced collaborative law attorney. She adhere to the regulated Pennsylvania collaborative divorce law and has handled numerous cases through the collaborative process. The state of Pennsylvania has legal guidelines that must be followed in a collaborative divorce. Our firm’s managing partner Laura Cohen is a certified collaborative law attorney who can provide guidance and strategy on your behalf. She can advocate for you and help work through the difficult aspects of your divorce, with your best possible outcome in mind.

Representation For Amicable, Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative law is an innovative way to resolve a divorce as fairly, quickly, affordably and cordially as possible. It is designed to minimize hostility and promote healthy communication in an out-of-court proceeding. Each spouse obtains his or her own lawyer and agrees to resolve all divorce issues out of court, culminating in a signed, legally binding agreement

How The Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act Assists You

The Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act, signed into law on June 28, 2018, developed legal guidelines that attorneys in Pennsylvania must follow if they are representing themselves as collaborative attorneys. It provides a uniform standard of practice for a collaborative divorce and educational requirements for attorneys. This ensures your divorce proceedings – though out of court – follow a legally sound process.

Collaborative law supports all aspects of divorce in the best interest of your family. The process for a collaborative divorce includes:

  • Signing a participation agreement that states that the parties will use the collaborative process
  • Negotiating child custody, child support, alimony and division of property
  • Agreeing on a schedule for children
  • Using a professional collaborative coach to help address co-parenting conflicts
  • Focusing on you and your family’s unique needs

We offer compassionate yet assertive legal guidance. We have special training in dispute resolution that helps foster a mutually respected environment for both parties. This revolutionary type of divorce often saves time and money on attorney and court fees. Once resolution is reached and the appropriate forms are signed, the agreement is legally binding.

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If you want to know more about a collaborative divorce, contact us online for a consultation with our experienced Pittsburgh divorce lawyer. You may also call our office at 412-843-0957 or toll-free at 877-855-1067.