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High Asset Divorce Archives

High asset divorce: Can therapists help the process?

Trained counselors and therapists exist to help with many aspects of life. Couples in Pennsylvania who are considering a high asset divorce likely are aware of the services therapists can offer to married couples, and many couples may have received counseling. Recently, several therapists were interviewed to find out if they ever suggest that a couple end their marriage.

Can prenupital agreeements assist in a high asset divorce?

Following an engagement, many Pennsylvania couples will quickly begin to make several wedding plans. Wedding venues, photographers, musicians, officiants and more are booked prior to a wedding. Many couples are now drafting a prenuptial agreement to their pre-wedding plans. While it is becoming more common for couples of all economic statuses to consider an agreement, prenuptial agreements can be especially helpful in the event of an unexpected high asset divorce.

Could a high asset divorce be affected by the new tax code?

When couples separate, there is a lot of emotion throughout the process. In addition, there are numerous logistical decisions that must be made, as couples often become more intertwined than they realize. Potential living accommodations, possible selling of shared property, the care of children and separation of bank accounts are just a few of the decisions that have to be made. Pennsylvania couples who anticipate a high asset divorce in the next year may be interested in understanding how the new tax code may affect their alimony negotiations.

Couple granted high asset divorce after 70 years of marraige

Love, marriage and even divorce are all possible at any age. Many Pennsylvania couples suffering through a high asset divorce will likely understand the pain that an elderly couple in another state has experienced. The divorce trial was short, but it contained testimonies and accusations of a love affair, hiding money in pillows, stealing and family bitterness.

High asset divorce: Is a divorce party right for you?

After spending any amount of time being married, it is understandable the heartache that a pending divorce may foster. Pennsylvania couples who are processing a high asset divorce may be interested to learn about a new trend following a divorce. Apparently, many people are finding ways to commemorate the finalization of their divorce in creative ways.

2 reality TV couples are pending a high asset divorce

Some of the reality television stars of "Married to Medicine" may be soon be married no more. Two different couples have recently announced the end of their marriages. Like many couples in Pennsylvania, they are likely relying upon legal assistance to help them navigate their high asset divorce.

High asset divorce: Shannon Beador in heated negotiations

When Pennsylvania brides are walking down the aisle toward their spouse, many claim it is the happiest day of their life. Most do not anticipate in that moment of happiness that the marriage could later come to an end. When a marriage is over, there are multiple issues that must be resolved between a couple such as property division, finances, child support and custody. The agreements in a high asset divorce can be particularly difficult, but family law attorneys are accustomed to handling difficult negotiations. A "Real Housewives of Orange County" star is going through her own difficult divorce from her husband.

High asset divorce: Alimony payments may change with new law

Pennsylvania couples who had become aware of possible changes in tax laws that impacted alimony payments may have been attempting to settle divorce agreements before the New Year. Fortunately, for many couples in the process of divorce, they have until the end of 2018 to finalize their divorce before the new laws will go into effect. Couples in the process of a high asset divorce may not be able to finalize prior to the end of 2018, considering the length of most divorces.

Weinstein's wife may file for high asset divorce

Most divorces in Pennsylvania are understandably difficult for anyone involved. Not only do they elicit emotional pain, but the dividing of property, wealth and the care of children can make the process exponentially more difficult. When a high asset divorce occurs, the process can be long and may require many legal discussions. Although no official filings have been made, Harvey Weinstein's wife announced her intentions to divorce her husband.

Financial advisors and high asset divorce cases

For many Pennsylvania residents, navigating the waters of divorce can feel like an overwhelming prospect. That is especially true for families that have complex property division needs. For those who are preparing for a high asset divorce, it may be beneficial to add the services of a financial advisor to the divorce team.

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