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High Asset Divorce Archives

High asset divorce: Alimony payments may change with new law

Pennsylvania couples who had become aware of possible changes in tax laws that impacted alimony payments may have been attempting to settle divorce agreements before the New Year. Fortunately, for many couples in the process of divorce, they have until the end of 2018 to finalize their divorce before the new laws will go into effect. Couples in the process of a high asset divorce may not be able to finalize prior to the end of 2018, considering the length of most divorces.

Weinstein's wife may file for high asset divorce

Most divorces in Pennsylvania are understandably difficult for anyone involved. Not only do they elicit emotional pain, but the dividing of property, wealth and the care of children can make the process exponentially more difficult. When a high asset divorce occurs, the process can be long and may require many legal discussions. Although no official filings have been made, Harvey Weinstein's wife announced her intentions to divorce her husband.

Financial advisors and high asset divorce cases

For many Pennsylvania residents, navigating the waters of divorce can feel like an overwhelming prospect. That is especially true for families that have complex property division needs. For those who are preparing for a high asset divorce, it may be beneficial to add the services of a financial advisor to the divorce team.

How a prenup can assist business owners with a high asset divorce

Building a business from the ground up is an incredible accomplishment, and is often the culmination of years of planning and hard work. Once a Pennsylvania business owner has achieved success, he or she may want to protect the business. This is especially true as an individual prepares to marry. Drafting a solid prenuptial agreement is the best way to clarify how business interests would be treated in the event of a high asset divorce.

Less social stigma associated with high asset divorce

For many Pennsylvania spouses, concern over how a failed marriage might be perceived is a primary factor in postponing or delaying a divorce. No one wants to be the subject of social scorn, nor do they want their personal turmoil made public. New research suggests that divorce is not looked down upon in the way that it was decades ago. There seems to be a trend toward increasing social acceptance of divorce. That could help some spouses who are markedly unhappy but unsure about moving through a high-profile or high asset divorce.

Can collaborative law work in a high asset divorce?

The dissolution of marriage and conflict seem to go hand in hand, especially when significant assets are involved. While this may be true, not every couple that is going through a high asset divorce wants to fight things out in front of a judge. For divorcing couples in Pennsylvania who feel this way, collaborative law may be the answer in terms of settling things amicably.

Going through a high asset divorce? Don't give in to a bully

Going through the dissolution of marriage process can really bring out the bad in people. It is not something that is totally unexpected as fear and stress simply have that affect on some individuals. Unfortunately, when going through a high asset divorce in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, one's spouse may try bullying techniques in order to get his or her way, leaving one with less than what one is entitled to receive. Sadly, this happens more often than not, but one does not have to give into a spouse's bullying.

The special concerns of a high asset divorce

Every divorce is not created equal. Yes, there will be a division of assets, both positive and negative, and the discussion of financial support for one spouse and/or  any children and custody concerns to figure out -- if applicable. However, one's financial status will affect how everything is eventually worked out in the end. Pennsylvania residents who are going through a high asset divorce simply have special concerns that others going through the dissolution process may not have.

The high asset divorce of Mark and Alison Pincus

Not too many people in Pennsylvania or elsewhere will reach the status of billionaire in this life. Those who do need to take certain steps to protect their assets in the event of divorce. A high asset divorce is not something that will be easily or quickly settled, especially if one spouse questions the terms of a prenuptial agreement.

Hidden property a concern in a high asset divorce

It seems that there are very few marriages in which both spouses are fully aware of what assets they share. It is not uncommon for one spouse to shoulder the responsibility when it comes to managing finances. While sitting back and letting one's spouse handle everything when it comes to assets and property may work during the marriage, it can create a lot of issues if a couple chooses to divorce -- especially in a high asset divorce case. In order to ensure a fair division of property, couples in Pennsylvania who are dissolving their marriages will want to make sure all assets are properly accounted for before signing off on property division settlements.

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