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Father's rights: Audrina Patridge's husband seeks joint custody

The realities of marriage and dealing with the day-to-day life of one can be challenging for many Pennsylvania couples. Some parents may decide that life apart would be the best choice for all involved, but decisions can be difficult when it comes to their children. Proceeding with a divorce not only requires decisions on property division, financial support but also the finance and care of the couple's children. Corey Bohan is fighting for his father's rights during divorce negotiations and is seeking joint legal and physical custody of his daughter with Audrina Patridge.

Understanding fathers' rights in cases involving addiction

Many Pennsylvania fathers believe that they will come out on top in a custody battle against a spouse with a drug or alcohol problem. In reality, however, courts take a very conservative approach when it comes to limiting a parent's access to his or her child. It's important to understand how fathers' rights play out in a child custody case involving addiction.

Knowing when to divorce and consider fathers' rights

For many Pennsylvania men, knowing when to pull the plug on a relationship is a difficult matter. No one wants to give up on a marriage, especially when there is any chance of improving the relationship. That said, there are situations in which divorce may be the best path forward. Men can benefit from understanding when it may be better to simply move on and focus on fathers' rights.

Pennsylvania fathers' rights: Jesse Williams fighting for custody

Being a dad can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a man's life. Unfortunately, some dads in Pennsylvania and elsewhere find that their fathers' rights are not taken into consideration during and after the divorce process, and that gaining fair access to their children is harder than it should be. This is something actor Jesse Williams is said to be feeling.

Fighting for fathers' rights is difficult but worth it

A father in another state has been through a lot in trying to gain custody of his daughter. Unfortunately, in certain circumstances, the court is not very forgiving. While fighting for father's rights is difficult, many in Pennsylvania and elsewhere would agree that it is worth it.

Pennsylvania fathers' rights: When and how to establish paternity

There are numerous unwed fathers in the state of Pennsylvania. In order for their fathers' rights to be protected and for mothers to seek financial support, paternity will need to be established. When and how can this be accomplished?

Feel that your fathers' rights are being ignored?

In Pennsylvania and elsewhere, numerous fathers feel that, when it comes to their children, they are not given equal rights. However, fathers' rights do exist and they are protected under state laws. Fathers can seek child support, custody or visitation under the right circumstances. Unfortunately, many dads tend to find that achieving any of these things is significantly more challenging than expected.

Agencies deny fathers' rights to innocent man accused of abuse

Many fathers in Pennsylvania have only their child's best interests in mind. They often do what they can with their limited resources to provide stability and love. However, too often, fathers' rights are denied when agencies make critical errors in judgment. One man in another state nearly lost everything in his efforts to protect his daughter.

Fathers' rights restored after mother hid children for 2 years

The residual effects of a custody battle that gained attention in Pennsylvania and across the nation continue to play out in the courtroom. A mother is already serving time for denying fathers' rights to her ex-husband by hiding two of their children for two and a half years. Recently, the woman who helped her was also sentenced.

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