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The alternatives to divorce litigation

Divorce can be an incredibly difficult process for a Pennsylvania couple. Many people choosing to end their marriage wonder if there is any way to eliminate unnecessary complications from the process. For some of these couples, collaborative law provides alternatives to costly and stressful litigation during an already difficult time.

Should I choose mediation or collaborative law?

Deciding to end your marriage is not a choice that most people make easily. It can often take months or even years for the final decision to be made. It's an emotional upheaval that most people are simply not quite ready to deal with when the idea first comes to mind.

Collaborative divorce isn't just for amicable couples

The word divorce is generally brings up visions of long, drawn-out court battles, arguments over who gets the vacation pictures and children used as pawns against each parent. It doesn't have to be this way, though. Collaborative divorce is becoming more and more popular as many people seek a calmer, fairer and faster means of getting a divorce decree and getting on with their lives.

Collaborative law and the mutually respectful divorce

Have you heard of the recent "divorce selfie" craze, where couples who divorced amicably are so proud of their peaceful breakup that they show it off with a happy selfie taken together while exiting the courtroom? Clearly, having an amicable and peaceful divorce is not possible for every Pennsylvania couple, but at the Family Legal Center in Allegheny, we are available to help you on the road to a peaceful breakup through the collaborative law process.

Collaborative law can help save time and money in divorce

There are many people who are moving away from antagonistic, acrimonious divorces into a calmer, more agreeable end to their marriages. Earlier this year, Gwyneth Paltrow made headlines with her separation and divorce from Chris Martin. She referred to it as a "conscious uncoupling."

Advantages of collaborative law methods during your divorce

You may have heard about the idea of collaborative divorce, but with all of the information out there about different divorce methods, how do you choose the right one for your situation? Collaborative divorce is just one way to complete the property division process and negotiate other agreements for child custody, child support and spousal support. This method has some advantages over traditional litigation; namely, it is less expensive and time-consuming. If you are a Pennsylvania couple who is anticipating an uncontested or amicable divorce, the collaborative approach might be for you.

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