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Man tries to reduce child support payments through forgery

Relationships often end as a result of betrayal, distrust, lack of compatibility, financial troubles and more. To separate property, wealth and time with children, couples often use the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that everything processes as smoothly as possible. With the assistance of the right lawyer, some couples are able to achieve amicable divorces, child support and custody agreements. Pennsylvania couples seeking a divorce may be interested in one couple's unusual process.

Child support can be difficult to pay for some

Couples who have processed a divorce in Pennsylvania can likely attest to the expense a couple can expect following a divorce. Because couples begin paying for more than one place of residence either before or following a divorce, expenses that were combined are often doubled. In addition, some divorce agreements order one spouse to pay the other alimony and/or child support to assist in the care of any shared children. While making ordered alimony and/or child support payments can be stressful, it is no reason to disappear as a man in another state is accused of doing after having failed to make multiple payments.

Man uses counterfiet money to pay child support

It is often said, "Raising a child takes a village." It also takes a lot of money, time and patience. Understandably, raising children is considerably harder when one parent is left alone to raise a child or children without the other. Fortunately, Pennsylvania attorneys can assist single parents in requesting the assistance of the other parent financially. One man in another state is accused of trying to dodge his child support payments by offering counterfeit money.

Dad avoids paying $560,000 in child support payments for 20 years

In Pennsylvania and across the country, raising children is expensive. It is expensive to give birth, educate, fund activities, clothe and feed children. Most parents who maintain physical custody of any shared children find it essential to receive financial support from the other parent, which is typically included in a child support order issued by a family court. One father decided to ignore his court-ordered payments and was delinquent on his child support payments totaling over $500,000 for over 20 years.

Are Pennsylvania parents recieving their child support?

Parenting is a life-long job. It is a job that comes with little training and many expenses instead of income. Because of relationship failure and the divorce rate, there are parents who maintain primary legal and physical custody of any shared children. Without the other parent's daily assistance, it may make any parenting job a little more difficult. Because family law courts in Pennsylvania do recognize that it is difficult for one parent to bear the majority of the burden for the care and financing of children, one parent may be ordered to contribute child support monthly.

Kevn McKidd's divorce finalized; child support agreement made

Sadly, many Pennsylvania couples determine that living apart is more beneficial than remaining in a marriage. When children are involved, the breakup can become painful and complicated. Despite a separation, some couples are able to maintain a co-parenting relationship and settle on a child support agreement that is beneficial for their children. Kevin McKidd and his wife, Jane Parker, recently finalized their divorce and from appearances, they appear to have reached an agreement that is in the best interest of their children.

$37,000 a month child support payments challenged after marriage

When any divorce is processed in Pennsylvania, there are usually more things to separate and divide than many couples understand. Many choose to have a family law attorney to assist them throughout the process. Some couples have more wealth than others, making the process exponentially more difficult. As with any couple, legal disagreements like spousal and child support may continue for years. Investor Andrew Left recently challenged his former wife's child support payments after she married billionaire Alan Salzman.

Court rules in child support case, orders man to pay big

There are currently Pennsylvania parents fighting over post-divorce financial provision of their children. Some situations are more acrimonious than others. Such problems are not isolated to this state, however, as made evident by a recent court ruling in another that resulted in a man being ordered to pay $40,000 in back child support.

Dean McDermott accused of dodging child support

Pennsylvania social network fans of Tori Spelling may be familiar with recent posts the superstar shared, featuring personal clothing items for sale online. Some say the situation may be related to issues Dean McDermott, Spelling's husband, is facing regarding allegedly owed child support. Some Spelling fans took to her defense on social media, saying anyone can sell anything they want, famous or not.

Child custody, child support and your tax return

For many Pennsylvania residents going through a divorce, next year's tax return is likely the furthest thing from their minds. However, it is important to understand the implications that various divorce decisions will have on one's tax obligations. In regard to child custody and child support, there are numerous ways that a parent's tax return might be impacted.

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