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Dad accused of not paying $4.2 million in child support

Raising a child is a unique and incredible experience, and many individuals yearn for the opportunity to be a part of the journey. Some individuals are left to raise children alone without the help of another parent. Pennsylvania family law attorneys understand the laws and legal means that are available to help secure child support from another parent. In addition, attorneys are able to assist parents who are ordered to make payments if life circumstances and income resources change over the years. It is currently a mystery to why one father has not paid his child support, but he has become a wanted deadbeat dad.

Father ordered to pay $26,283 in unpaid child support

Single parents can likely attest to the difficulty of raising a child and/or children alone without the other parent. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania family courts understand the financial and physical burden that raising children can be and often orders a non-custodial parent to financially support with monthly child support payments. Child support payments are usually determined after a judge examines the facts of a case and uses a set formula to help determine payment in relation to the non-custodial parent's income. For unknown reasons, a man in a nearby state did not make his ordered payments for eight years and recently pleaded guilty in court to non-payment.

Attorneys can help with unique cases of child support

Pennsylvania family law attorneys understand that all families are different and many have unique circumstances. When two individuals share children, the issue of child support often comes up regardless of whether they are married, not married or processing a divorce. Because child support can be a sensitive and complicated topic, many individuals seek the advice of an experienced attorney.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling will affect child support

There are different ways to approach a divorce; couples most often choose between direct negotiation, mediation, a collaborative divorce and formal litigation. A recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision will likely make it difficult for a couple with significant wealth to choose the option for a collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse hires attorneys and negotiations occur on every aspect and item of their split outside of the court system. The recent ruling has changed the way child support will be handled for high income earning parents, likely forcing most couples to litigate their divorce.

What happens to child support when a parent dies?

Pennsylvania family law attorneys are often used by individuals well past the divorce finalization. The circumstances of divorced spouses can change at any time, sometimes affecting the divorce, custody and child support terms. The death of a spouse who is paying for child support or alimony can have a significant impact on the surviving former spouse and children. The financial support from Scott Weiland was impacted by the singer's death, but the children's mother was able to request help Through the court system.

Father neglects childs support payments but pays for storage

Most parents will attest that they want to best for the kids, which most often means financing their care, education and experiences. Unfortunately, not all parents agree to the same terms and care for their children, and some parents do not offer financial support. The lack of physical and/or monetary support from the other parent is typically stressful and often resorts to the use of a family attorney in Pennsylvania to intervene. Parents may be interested in one father's case that has made recent news due to his child support payments not being a financial priority.

More women now paying alimony and child support

People often assume that the majority of child support payments are sent to mothers from fathers, but new data suggests a growing number of women are responsible for such payments. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial lawyers, 45 percent of lawyers saw an increase in women paying alimony while 54 percent saw an increase in mothers paying child support. These trends may impact family courts in Pennsylvania and across the United States.

Child support: Plan for college expenses despite divorced

On average, college tuition in Pennsylvania and across the United States is increasing at a rate of about 3 percent every year. The cost of college tuition can be staggering if parents do not plan ahead. The average cost of a private school can be as much as $46,950 a year and public schools as much as $20,770 a year. Unfortunately, the costs of child support, alimony and double living expenses may make it tempting to delay saving for a child's college education.

Man tries to reduce child support payments through forgery

Relationships often end as a result of betrayal, distrust, lack of compatibility, financial troubles and more. To separate property, wealth and time with children, couples often use the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that everything processes as smoothly as possible. With the assistance of the right lawyer, some couples are able to achieve amicable divorces, child support and custody agreements. Pennsylvania couples seeking a divorce may be interested in one couple's unusual process.

Child support can be difficult to pay for some

Couples who have processed a divorce in Pennsylvania can likely attest to the expense a couple can expect following a divorce. Because couples begin paying for more than one place of residence either before or following a divorce, expenses that were combined are often doubled. In addition, some divorce agreements order one spouse to pay the other alimony and/or child support to assist in the care of any shared children. While making ordered alimony and/or child support payments can be stressful, it is no reason to disappear as a man in another state is accused of doing after having failed to make multiple payments.

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