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Should schools be informed of child custody agreements?

It is not surprising that divorcing couples who share children might continue to experience disagreements in the years following the initial court order. When disagreements over child custody arise, Pennsylvania family law attorneys are available to offer advice on any legal options to explore. Sometimes parents encounter issues with a child's school not enforcing child custody terms and may need further assistance to ensure proper handling.

Bird nesting: A novel approach to child custody arrangements

Deciding to start divorce proceedings is only the first decision to be made in an often emotional process. Among the more complicated decisions involved may revolve around child custody and living arrangements for the entire family. Pennsylvania parents considering divorce may be interested in a new trend called bird nesting when considering future living arrangements.

Complicated child custody dispute between mother and daughter

Despite sharing a bloodline, family members can have bitter and ugly arguments. Unfortunately for some families, disagreements often center around the care and upbringing of shared children, and children often get caught in the middle. Pennsylvania residents may be interested in the details of one family's controversial child custody battle.

Housewife Shannon Beador in child custody dispute with husband

Reality television shows have been popular for many years now. Shows such as the "Real Housewives of Orange County" are often full of drama, making it interesting for viewers in Pennsylvania and across the country. Because it is a show that loosely follows the real life of several different women, it often showcases the real-life heartache and triumphs for some of the show's participants. For Shannon Beador, it has highlighted her heartbreaking divorce. She and her husband are currently negotiating their child custody agreement.

Child custody: Parents disagreed over daugther's burial

Many Pennsylvania couples need a family law court to intervene and mediate in disputes following a divorce. Some disputes may revolve around child custody and support until any shared children reach adulthood. A family law court recently intervened between a couple in an unusual custody dispute between two parents.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa agree to joint child custody

People in Pennsylvania and across the country quickly fell in love with HGTV stars Christina and Tarek El Moussa on their popular show "Flip or Flop." Through the camera, the couple seemed to be a strong married couple who not only shared a marriage but also a successful business together. Unfortunately, their marriage suffered hardships, and they recently finalized their divorce. The couple shares two children, and part of their child custody agreement has been revealed.

Dwight Howard faces child custody decisions about his son

Parenting is hard. Raising a child is also very expensive. Fortunately, the family law courts in Pennsylvania are available to make decisions between parents when they are not able to agree on their own about the care and financial support of shared children. To establish consistent financial support for her son, one woman in another state has begun formal child custody proceedings against a famous NBA basketball player.

Kelis and Nas continue to disagree over child custody

When children are involved, parents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere often need the assistance of a family law attorney following a divorce until any shared children reach the age of adulthood. Singer-songwriter Kelis and rapper Nas are examples of many parents who need family law legal assistance. Although the couple has been divorced for years, they continue to disagree over child custody.

Solider fights to regain child custody while deployed overseas

Custody battles in Pennsylvania and across the country are often argumentative and painful. Unfortunately, some parents do not feel that court-ordered custody arrangements are in the best interest of their child, making the process more difficult. One family in another state was recently disrupted by a temporary change in custody as a result of the primary parent's employment. 

Child custody dispute centers on radicalization claims

When most couples go before a Pennsylvania family court to argue over the care and custody of a shared child, their legal positions are relatively standard. One parent often feels that he or she is better able to provide the care and attention a child needs. In some cases, however, a parent makes assertions that are far outside the norm. Such is the case in a recent child custody case in which a mother claims that her former husband is attempting to radicalize her son during visitation time.

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