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Kelis and Nas continue to disagree over child custody

When children are involved, parents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere often need the assistance of a family law attorney following a divorce until any shared children reach the age of adulthood. Singer-songwriter Kelis and rapper Nas are examples of many parents who need family law legal assistance. Although the couple has been divorced for years, they continue to disagree over child custody.

Solider fights to regain child custody while deployed overseas

Custody battles in Pennsylvania and across the country are often argumentative and painful. Unfortunately, some parents do not feel that court-ordered custody arrangements are in the best interest of their child, making the process more difficult. One family in another state was recently disrupted by a temporary change in custody as a result of the primary parent's employment. 

Child custody dispute centers on radicalization claims

When most couples go before a Pennsylvania family court to argue over the care and custody of a shared child, their legal positions are relatively standard. One parent often feels that he or she is better able to provide the care and attention a child needs. In some cases, however, a parent makes assertions that are far outside the norm. Such is the case in a recent child custody case in which a mother claims that her former husband is attempting to radicalize her son during visitation time.

Same-sex parents still face child custody challenges

Most Pennsylvania residents are aware that the Supreme Court legitimized same-sex marriage several years ago. What many are not aware of is that parental rights and status were not expressly granted in that decision. That has left many same-sex parents facing an uphill battle when it comes to asserting their rights to remain closely connected with their child through a fair child custody determination.

Could a rapist receive child custody rights?

When a child is born by means of sexual assault, people are forced to re-examine their definition of the terms "mother" and "father." While a rapist may certainly meet the definition of biological father, virtually no one would argue that he shouldn't be allowed to play a role in that child's life. Pennsylvania readers may be shocked to hear that a child custody case in a different state forced a woman to file a paternity matter against the man who raped her when she was only 12 years of age.

Some child custody cases more complex than others

Very often, Pennsylvania residents will hear or see media coverage of a custody battle that includes sensational details. Many times, these cases make for good television but often fail to reflect the realities of the matter. There are child custody cases in which parents are maligned and humiliated long before the full facts emerge. An example might be found in a recent case that has made headlines across the nation.

Child custody dispute leads to mother's arrest

When two Pennsylvania parents are unable to see eye-to-eye over matters involving the care and custody of a shared child, it is important that both sides take a reasonable and measured approach. Allowing emotions to overwhelm reason can lead to serious negative outcomes. An example is found in the recent arrest of a mother who tried to flee with her child after a child custody battle.

Child custody dispute centers on vaccination debate

Many Pennsylvania parents begin their divorce process in the belief that custody issues will not lead to a contentious debate. Unfortunately, not all of those parents will be correct in that assessment. Very often, parents respond to reality of a divorce with an intense level of anger and bitterness, even when all parties agree that the marriage is no longer functioning. In such cases, child custody issues can dominate not only the divorce, but the years to follow.

Should unmarried parents have separate child custody courtrooms?

In today's society, what was once considered the traditional American family is no longer the norm. A family unit comprised of a mother, father and one or more natural children is not the only socially acceptable option, in Pennsylvania or elsewhere. However, some courts across the country choose to handle child custody matters involving unwed parents differently from those in which the parties are or were married.

Jurisdiction can be everything in child custody cases

When a Pennsylvania parent anticipates a nasty custody battle, it is absolutely imperative to take an aggressive stance early on in the divorce process. That means making choices that are in line with one's own interests, often after a great deal of research. One issue that can make or break a child custody case involves jurisdiction. Parents who have options when it comes to where to file their case could gain a significant advantage in the overall process.

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