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Pennsylvania probate: Why you need a local attorney

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Probate

Learning a loved one has died is a traumatic experience for anyone. The immediate concern is getting their final wishes taken care of. You also have to think about what will happen with their estate. Hopefully, they had an estate plan.

Going through the probate process can be challenging. It’s something that’s likely best handled in person, but this can be complicated if you don’t live in the state where the probate case is being handled. One option in these cases is to work with a probate attorney in that state.

A local attorney will know the procedures

The differences in probate processes from one state to another can make everything more complex when you’re trying to handle an estate in another state. A Pennsylvania probate attorney can ensure they’re doing things in accordance with this state’s laws. Probate includes presenting information to the court, paying creditors that make claim, distributing assets and making sure everyone is informed about what’s going on. Having an attorney do these tasks can reduce your stress during this time.

A local attorney can file proper documentation

The probate process has to be handled properly, including filing the required documentation. The court can reject documents if they aren’t correct. That makes the probate process take longer, which can mean the beneficiaries will have to wait longer for what’s due to them. Delays can also cost the estate money, which means the beneficiaries will get less from it.

A local attorney may prevent disputes

Using a Pennsylvania attorney may prevent disputes between heirs. Attorneys can sort through these disputes and provide the estate with information about what’s allowable under the law. Working with an attorney can also prevent anyone from being able to claim that you’re making decisions in your own best interests if you’re the one who’s in charge of the estate.

Ensuring your loved one’s estate is handled in accordance with their wishes is crucial. Because probate laws differ from one state to another, you should have an attorney in Pennsylvania if this is where your loved one’s estate is being handled. This can protect you and ensure everyone gets what they’re due.