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4 reasons why might a will be challenged  

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Estate Administration

You may have recently lost a loved one in your life. They left behind a will that may divide their estate between family and friends. Someone in your family may not agree with how the will was written or how the estate was split. 

This could prompt them to challenge the will. Here’s why they might have challenged the will:

They feel they should have been given more

It’s all too common for families to have that one family member who feels they deserve everything. They may have inherited something in the will, but find it unsatisfying. They believe they are owed more. They may even believe they should rightfully inherit the deceased’s entire estate. 

They believe there is another will

Most people go to attorneys when they wish to write a will. Some people, however, may have written a will and never had the time to go to their attorney. A family or friend might challenge a will because they witnessed the writing of another will.

They think the deceased was manipulated 

You may have heard of young people marrying older people for their money. It happens more frequently than you may realize. This could cause someone to challenge the will if they believe someone had influence over the will.

They don’t think the will was clear

Some people may write their will during a time when they weren’t sound of mind. They may write the will in such a way that it doesn’t make sense. They may have made the will sound general and not specified their exact intent. If someone believes the will was not clear then they challenge it. 

If you believe a will was wrongly challenged then you may need legal help to amend the problem.