Pennsylvania parents who pay or receive financial support may be interested in a recent ruling in another state’s family law court. The father of two children was granted a temporary reprieve from making child support payments following an order for deployment through the Army National Guard. The case is unusual because the father will continue to receive pay while he is deployed, and his children will continue to require financial support.

The formerly married couple share two young children both under the age of 10. Reportedly, their divorce finalized in 2017, with the mother receiving full custody of the children and the father paying $1,059 a month in financial support from the income he earned as a firefighter. Both were not happy with some of the terms of their divorce agreement, and both had filed for amendments in their divorce decree. Before decisions could be made on their requests, the father received orders to deploy to another country through the National Army Guard.

In a recent ruling, a judge ruled that the father’s child support payments could temporarily be suspended due to his deployment and his decreased pay through the Army. The mother’s attorney’s argued that the father would continue to receive income although it was unknown at the time of the ruling. In addition, the children would continue to require financial assistance throughout their father’s deployment, and the mother may need to take out a loan to pay for expenses without the child support. Decisions on the desired amendments by the couple were scheduled to be decided upon the father’s return in September 2019.

Child support payments are an understandably sensitive issue between former spouses. Income can change at any point for the paying spouse, resulting in financial stress, difficulty making payments or the need for a change in the original agreement. For the spouse who maintains legal custody, it can be difficult to afford routine expenses without the assistance of the other parent. Pennsylvania family law attorneys are experienced to assist parents with their needs involving all aspects of child support.