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We Listen With Compassion

Does social media affect a high asset divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

Social media has changed our lives over the last couple of decades. It makes it easy for any resident in Pennsylvania to make connections to people on one’s street of residence and as far away as another continent. Because of what appears to be happy pictures posted on social media and people typically enjoying their best moments, many might consider social media to only have a positive impact on people’s lives. One attorney in another state claims that social media is often a factor in a high asset divorce and therefore might be a negative impact on many people’s lives. 

The attorney, while being interviewed about a book he recently wrote, stated his opinion on how he thought social media is affecting marriages. He stated that, in many cases of divorce, social media sharing and communication with others on social media very often factor into a divorce. The attorney further explained that cases that are not impacted by social media are rare. 

The attorney stated that, while many divorces may appear to have one main factor that results in the downfall in a marriage, it is often a series of small decisions. When an individual makes a small decision to connect with someone intimately, flirtatiously or romantically on social media, this could lead to a host of other decisions affecting a relationship and/or an online affair. In addition, the attorney feels that when an individual views the picture-perfect moments of other marriages, this may result in the individual having a negative opinion about his or her own marriage.

Whether money, social media, health, stress or affairs are what result in an individual seeking advice for a high asset divorce, a skilled Pennsylvania attorney can help. Attorneys can explain the process and assist an individual in filing for divorce. Attorneys remain an asset during negotiations by advocating for the client’s desired terms.


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