As portrayed on the hit cable television show, “Splitting Up Together,” some divorcing couples are choosing to live together following a divorce when a couple shares children. Reasons vary for Pennsylvania parents choosing to bird nest, including finances, convenience with sharing child custody and little disruption of a child’s daily routine. A woman in another state recently wrote how her parent’s living arrangements following their divorce impacted her over the years.

Her parents divorced when she was 6 years old, but they all remained in the same house for 10 years. Understandably, the woman found the living situation difficult to explain to her friends. She states that she ultimately explained it as complicated the majority of the time, which it was in her eyes. 

Throughout the years she states having good memories with her parents in the same house, but she also experienced confusing emotions about the situation. Experts state that living together following a divorce requires strict boundaries, and a clear message that parents do not plan on getting back together is often best for children. Many children fantasize that their parents will get back together, and living together will likely encourage the fantasies.

Although attorneys cannot make decisions for a client such as living arrangements following a divorce, they are experienced with handling unique divorce and child custody circumstances. If a unique circumstance is desired following a divorce, an experienced Pennsylvania attorney can advise the best approach and assist with negotiating the terms of any post-divorce arrangements. Because changes in child custody may be needed over the years, attorneys remain a resource for legal advice when needed.