Pennsylvania parents may find comfort in learning about Nicole Curtis’ experience with the father of her son over the recent Thanksgiving holiday. She and the father of her son have recently come to an agreement on child custody of their 3-year-old son, of whom they currently share custody. Curtis claims that her son’s father is not flexible with holiday time with their son.

Nicole Curtis is known for her home renovation show called “Rehab Addict” on the HGTV and DIY networks. She is a single mom of two boys, and she recently finalized a custody agreement for her youngest son with his father. She and her son’s father, Shane Maguire, have never been legally married and have not been a couple for quite some time.

According to court records, Maguire filed for paternity and joint custody in 2015. He was granted both. Curtis has alleged that Maguire has not been accommodating with his holiday parenting time. She claims that she allowed Maguire to be a part of Halloween festivities even though it was her parenting day, but he did not extend the same courtesy on Thanksgiving day. Curtis has made her experience public, hoping to inform other single parents struggling with child custody issues that they are not alone.

Sharing child custody following the demise of a relationship is certainly difficult and painful. Pennsylvania family law attorneys understand the complications that may arise when there are disagreements on parenting between individuals. Attorneys can advise and work with clients to achieve the outcome desired and take into consideration the best interest of children involved.