When a couple decides to legally marry, they most often join households, families, finances and more. As well as the physical joining of their previous separate lives, many couples also join together families, different perspectives on how to live and different processes for handling conflict. Sometimes, the differences that couples merge together are difficult to overcome. Couples considering a high asset divorce in Pennsylvania may be interested to learn that studies show that there may several things that will predict the likelihood of a divorce.

Researchers have discovered over the years that the level of education can impact a couple’s likelihood to maintain a successful marriage. If individuals do not graduate high school, chances of divorce increase. It is assumed that a lower education often results in a harder lifestyle and working conditions that often impact a marriage and happiness.

In addition, the attitude or feelings of one or both parties in a relationship can be predictors of a divorce. If one or both individuals have serious feelings of hopelessness, the hope that a marriage will survive hard times or survive at all is minimal or non-existent. Some individuals may also suffer disappointment and disillusionment with how they imagined married life would be, and the feelings may increase their chances for a future divorce.  

With so many life factors, other people and finances impacting a marriage, it is understandable that many couples experience difficult times. Some marriages may survive through therapy, patience and time, but others may need to pursue a high asset divorce. Pennsylvania family law attorneys are aware of the pain, difficulty and complications that result when separating lives. Attorneys can advise and assist according to the needs and desires of an individual.