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We Listen With Compassion

Man sues mother for father’s right to unborn child

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2018 | Fathers' Rights |

Thousands of babies are born in Pennsylvania every year, but not all of them are born into happy, unified parents or families. When a baby is born to a couple that is married, the husband of the mother is automatically assumed and established as the child’s legal father. It is not the same when a couple is not married, and there are several steps that must be taken to establish paternity. One man in another state filed a lawsuit against the mother of his alleged unborn child in order to establish his father’s rights early.

The unborn child is expected to arrive in October, but at the time of the report, the parents of the baby had not been a couple since April of this year. The mother has accused the soon-to-be father of showing lack of interest after the initial early weeks. She claims to be in agreement with the most of the terms of the lawsuit he has filed, but it has caused her significant stress.

The soon-to-be father filed a lawsuit to request an establishment of paternity. Once he is confirmed to be the biological father, he requested that he also be placed on the birth certificate. In addition, the father wished to be notified once the mother anticipated delivery of the child. The mother disagreed with the father’s presence at delivery, expressing that she did not feel it would be a healthy environment to deliver a child.

Most Pennsylvania parents find it is important for all parties for paternity to be established. Paternity will be factored into child support payments as well as child custody agreements. Pennsylvania family law attorneys understand how to help individuals establish a father’s rights while keeping the best interests of the child in mind.


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