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We Listen With Compassion

Father could be jailed over child custody case

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2018 | Child Custody |

It is common for parents to disagree over the care and decisions of children. When parents do not live together or are not in a unified co-parenting relationship, it is understandably easy to disagree on the ways a child should be raised. Often, families must seek the advice and assistance of a family law attorney in Pennsylvania to intervene in child custody or support issues. As in one custody case in a nearby state, cases can be contentious and complicated.

The custody battle over a 4-year-old boy began when the father was given full custody of their son in 2017. At the time, the mother had been accused of abuse and use of drugs. The father took the child and moved to another state, and since 2017, the mother has apparently become sober. She is currently on probation, and her parental rights have been restored by the courts. The mother has petitioned the courts that her son be returned by the father, and the courts have requested the father appear in court with the couple’s son on six different occasions.

According to court records, the father has not appeared as ordered. A judge recently issued a warrant for his arrest and a $25,000 bond. The custody case has come to a standstill as the court and law enforcement are not sure how to enforce the arrest warrant across state lines.

Child custody cases are not typically as contentious as this one, but they can become complicated. Pennsylvania parents who wish to amend a current agreement or establish a new agreement with another guardian are advised to seek the advice of a skilled attorney. Because life can change rapidly in the course of a custody agreement, attorneys can remain a valuable resource if any alterations to an amendment need to be discussed.


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