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September 2018 Archives

Father could be jailed over child custody case

It is common for parents to disagree over the care and decisions of children. When parents do not live together or are not in a unified co-parenting relationship, it is understandably easy to disagree on the ways a child should be raised. Often, families must seek the advice and assistance of a family law attorney in Pennsylvania to intervene in child custody or support issues. As in one custody case in a nearby state, cases can be contentious and complicated.

Man sues mother for father's right to unborn child

Thousands of babies are born in Pennsylvania every year, but not all of them are born into happy, unified parents or families. When a baby is born to a couple that is married, the husband of the mother is automatically assumed and established as the child's legal father. It is not the same when a couple is not married, and there are several steps that must be taken to establish paternity. One man in another state filed a lawsuit against the mother of his alleged unborn child in order to establish his father's rights early.

High asset divorce: Attorneys are prepared for changes in the law

As 2019 rapidly approaches, experts continue to speculate and predict how the new tax laws may affect divorces. Although high asset divorce agreements finalized before 2019 will be grandfathered and allowed to remain under the old standards, the agreements could be affected if any changes arise in the future. In addition, some individuals in Pennsylvania may be surprised to learn that prenuptial and postnuptial agreements could need updating if the laws make some of the agreement terms inadequate.

Can a high asset divorce be contagious?

Viruses and some diseases are contagious, but many people in Pennsylvania may not consider a divorce as something to catch from someone else. Despite what some may think, researchers, believe that there is an increased chance of going through a divorce if an individual has a friend or family member that has also been through the process. Individuals considering a high asset divorce may find comfort in the advice of an experienced family law attorney and the advice of someone who has also experienced hurt and pain.

What factors may predict a high asset divorce?

When a couple decides to legally marry, they most often join households, families, finances and more. As well as the physical joining of their previous separate lives, many couples also join together families, different perspectives on how to live and different processes for handling conflict. Sometimes, the differences that couples merge together are difficult to overcome. Couples considering a high asset divorce in Pennsylvania may be interested to learn that studies show that there may several things that will predict the likelihood of a divorce.

How can an high asset divorce affect a child's college plans?

Many children in Pennsylvania aspire to attend college following their high school graduation. While most parents would agree that a college education is a significant benefit to their child's future, it is often difficult to keep it in mind when negotiating a high asset divorce. Because children's college education is often an afterthought during divorce negotiations, many college students of divorced parents often finance the majority of tuition themselves.

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