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How should you tell your spouse you want a divorce?

Many people hesitate when it comes to breaking news that someone else might find difficult to accept. Recently, you may have found yourself in such a position after making the decision that you want to end your marriage. While you may feel that this choice is the obvious one, you may fear that your spouse will not feel the same way.

It can certainly be difficult to break the news of divorce when one party wants to move down this path while the other person does not. If you think this may fit your case, you may want to take the time to find the best way to tell your spouse that you want to end the marriage.

Check your emotions

You may have already contemplated how this conversation would go and thought of all possible scenarios. Of course, you cannot predict how your spouse will actually handle the news. As a result, you may want to make sure you have your emotions in check. If your spouse takes the news hard, you undoubtedly do not want to make the situation more difficult by lashing out or taking offense at his or her reaction. By remaining calm, you may give your spouse the opportunity to calm down and discuss the situation.

Time and place

The manner in which you break the news will likely play a major part in how your spouse reacts, but the setting of the discussion can also prove important. Because of the sensitive and emotional nature of this topic, avoiding a public setting will likely be best. It may work in everyone's best interests to find a private place to have the discussion. If you have children, it is also important that they are not around at the time.

You may also want to gauge how your spouse may be feeling before you bring up the subject of divorce. If he or she seems overly stressed or emotional for another reason, your news of wanting to end the marriage may not go over as well as it could.

Preparing for the journey

Divorce takes time, and breaking the news is only the first of what may be a long journey. Hopefully, breaking the news amicably will allow you and your spouse to move through the divorce process in a similar manner. Of course, it would benefit you to prepare for various possibilities and understand your legal options for ending your marriage.

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