The public perception many couples display to friends and family is often not what is happening behind closed doors. Sadly, many couples do not share the love and respect for one another that they may appear to have in front of others, and some couples may determine a divorce is in their best interest. Pennsylvania couples may be interested in one couple’s pending high asset divorce and how it may affect a beloved community tradition.

The couple has been married for 27 years and has gained community fame due to their elaborate yearly Christmas light decoration. The light display typically includes 200,000 lights, a Ferris wheel and Santa’s workshop, but it will not be built this year. The couple is beginning the process of a divorce, and the wife believes part of the reason may have included a disagreement concerning their son and decisions about his education. She claims that she was not aware of the serious issues in their marriage until her husband moved out of their home. 

Despite being a beneficiary to a multi-million-dollar trust, the wife has accused her husband of attaching her name to a loan without her permission. The loan was originally for the amount of $30,000. In addition to the loan, she claims that her brother-in-law, her husband’s lawyer, miss-represented her in court when the loan was unpaid and needed to be settled.

Processing a high asset divorce is difficult. Hurt and betrayal in a divorce can overshadow many of the important decisions that must be made. Family law attorneys in Pennsylvania can assist an individual through a divorce and in achieving the desired outcome.