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We Listen With Compassion

Bethenny Frankel and former husband fight over child custody

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2018 | Child Custody |

Unfortunately, marriage disagreements do not always end when a divorce becomes final. Disagreements and the need for a family law attorney can extend well past a divorce, especially when children are involved. Pennsylvania residents anticipating a divorce and/or child custody discussion in their future may be interested in Bethenny Frankel’s personal custody battle with her former husband two years following their divorce.

In 2010, the reality television star married her former husband Jason Hoppy. Not long after they were married, Frankel gave birth to their daughter Brynn. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2012 and finalized their divorce in 2016. Recently, Frankel requested to have primary custody of their daughter and full decision-making power.

Sadly, Frankel’s boyfriend, Dennis Sheilds, recently passed away from what appears to be a drug overdose on prescription painkillers. Hoppy has challenged Frankel’s request for full custody and questions her parental judgment to have occasionally trusted their now 8-year-old daughter under the care of her deceased boyfriend. Frankel’s attorneys claim that allowing Shields to be around her daughter was not a lapse in judgment because the overdose occurred due to pain pills prescribed for a back injury.

Although not everyone will have his or her personal child custody battles displayed for the public to read, Frankel’s battle is an example of how many individuals continue to need a family law attorney after their divorces are finalized. Life circumstances can change at any time, warranting the need to legally request a change in custody agreements. Pennsylvania family law attorneys can remain an asset and resource until a child reaches adulthood for any questions or concerns that arise.


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