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August 2018 Archives

Father ordered to pay $26,283 in unpaid child support

Single parents can likely attest to the difficulty of raising a child and/or children alone without the other parent. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania family courts understand the financial and physical burden that raising children can be and often orders a non-custodial parent to financially support with monthly child support payments. Child support payments are usually determined after a judge examines the facts of a case and uses a set formula to help determine payment in relation to the non-custodial parent's income. For unknown reasons, a man in a nearby state did not make his ordered payments for eight years and recently pleaded guilty in court to non-payment.

High asset divorce may be ending a Christmas tradition for town

The public perception many couples display to friends and family is often not what is happening behind closed doors. Sadly, many couples do not share the love and respect for one another that they may appear to have in front of others, and some couples may determine a divorce is in their best interest. Pennsylvania couples may be interested in one couple's pending high asset divorce and how it may affect a beloved community tradition.

Bethenny Frankel and former husband fight over child custody

Unfortunately, marriage disagreements do not always end when a divorce becomes final. Disagreements and the need for a family law attorney can extend well past a divorce, especially when children are involved. Pennsylvania residents anticipating a divorce and/or child custody discussion in their future may be interested in Bethenny Frankel's personal custody battle with her former husband two years following their divorce.

High asset divorce: Attorneys can help with asset division

Some people may be able to improve their financial status by getting married. Unfortunately, the opposite is often not true. The divisions of assets, liabilities, income and expenses are often contested in a high asset divorce. Many couples considering a divorce find the advice of a Pennsylvania family law attorney invaluable when planning their financial future beyond a divorce.

Attorneys can help with unique cases of child support

Pennsylvania family law attorneys understand that all families are different and many have unique circumstances. When two individuals share children, the issue of child support often comes up regardless of whether they are married, not married or processing a divorce. Because child support can be a sensitive and complicated topic, many individuals seek the advice of an experienced attorney.

How should you tell your spouse you want a divorce?

Many people hesitate when it comes to breaking news that someone else might find difficult to accept. Recently, you may have found yourself in such a position after making the decision that you want to end your marriage. While you may feel that this choice is the obvious one, you may fear that your spouse will not feel the same way.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling will affect child support

There are different ways to approach a divorce; couples most often choose between direct negotiation, mediation, a collaborative divorce and formal litigation. A recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision will likely make it difficult for a couple with significant wealth to choose the option for a collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse hires attorneys and negotiations occur on every aspect and item of their split outside of the court system. The recent ruling has changed the way child support will be handled for high income earning parents, likely forcing most couples to litigate their divorce.

What happens to child support when a parent dies?

Pennsylvania family law attorneys are often used by individuals well past the divorce finalization. The circumstances of divorced spouses can change at any time, sometimes affecting the divorce, custody and child support terms. The death of a spouse who is paying for child support or alimony can have a significant impact on the surviving former spouse and children. The financial support from Scott Weiland was impacted by the singer's death, but the children's mother was able to request help Through the court system.

Student loan payments may be factored into property division

The cost of college and graduate education has risen significantly over the last few decades. With the rise, there has also been the rise of student loan debt, and the cost of higher education makes it difficult for many individuals to avoid it in order to obtain a degree. When individuals take on student loan debt, they typically expect that it will catapult them into a career that will offer financial security, but that is not always the case. A recent study concluded that student loans are likely the culprit of financial stress that occurs prior to some divorces. In Pennsylvania and other states, division of debt is an important part of property division during divorce proceedings.

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