It is has been said, “Money is the root of evil.” While some may argue that the statement is not true and may list all the good money can do, it has been documented that it is often the main issue between couples and the number one cause of divorce. Some couples are able to work through financial stress, but when a high asset divorce cannot be avoided, Pennsylvania family law attorneys can help an individual spouse work through the difficult situation.

A financial planner recently listed out why money is often the leading cause of divorce. Most spouses approach finances with opposing opinions. Often in a relationship, one spouse is considered the nerd and the other is considered a free spirit.

The planner explained that the nerd often enjoys budgeting, paying bills, making lists and making plans. On the opposite spectrum, many spouses fall into a free spirit category. Free spirit spouses typically do not enjoy paying bills, making budgets and are typically considered to be easy going. In order for opposing personalities to best co-exist, doing a budget together is wise. Listing out take-home pay, monthly expenses and when bills should be paid is helpful to remain on the same page.

Unfortunately, statistics suggest that almost half of all couples cannot move past financial stress. When a couple is headed for a high asset divorce, it can get complicated very quickly. Skilled Pennsylvania family law attorneys are experienced with handling complex divorces and can guide a spouse through the painful separation.