For many parents, raising a child is a joyful and busy experience. For others, it can be a difficult journey, especially when another parent or family member disagrees with the way in which a child is raised. In unfortunate cases, Pennsylvania family law attorneys, judges and courts must intervene between couples when child custody disagreements arise. One such case has been recently publicized. A father’s refusal to appear in a family law court and return the child to visit with this mother may result in the father’s arrest.

More than a year ago, the father was given full custody of a couple’s 4-year-old son. The mother of the son had recently pleaded guilty to meth drug charges and was placed on a 30-month probation. Although the mother resided in Illinois, the father left with the child to live in another state. Beginning last November, the mother and her attorneys began making requests through the court for the father to return with the son for the mother to be able to visit. As recently as last month, the father has not reappeared for any of the requested court hearings.

Because of his failure to appear at court, he could be arrested and charged a $25,000 bond if he returns to the state of the civil court violations. Reportedly, local authorities will not travel to his current state of residence to make an arrest. The father’s attorney has claimed that the son suffers from anxiety due to memories of living with his mother.

When a relationship ends, it typically impacts more than just the couple involved. When children are involved, they are often significantly impacted. Pennsylvania family law attorneys are experienced in handling complicated child custody cases and can advocate for a parent’s desire throughout a case.