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July 2018 Archives

Child custody: Explaining a divorce is often difficult

There are multiple reasons couples in Pennsylvania may decide that a divorce is in their best interest. Some may divorce due to affairs, debt, gambling, addiction or lying. Some simply do not share the type of love to maintain a healthy marriage and instead wish to live separate lives. There are often multiple questions from friends and family members, and some questions may be difficult to answer. Couples may find the most difficult questions to answer about their pending divorce and child custody will come from their own children.

Reasons you or your ex may request a child support modification

While children can bring great joy, they also bring a great deal of responsibility. When married, you and the other parent may have handled the necessary duties as evenly as possible. However, when you divorced and you became the custodial parent, you may have worried about the financial responsibilities that would fall on your shoulders when it came to providing for your kids.

Child custody: Father could be jailed for not appearing in court

For many parents, raising a child is a joyful and busy experience. For others, it can be a difficult journey, especially when another parent or family member disagrees with the way in which a child is raised. In unfortunate cases, Pennsylvania family law attorneys, judges and courts must intervene between couples when child custody disagreements arise. One such case has been recently publicized. A father's refusal to appear in a family law court and return the child to visit with this mother may result in the father's arrest.

High asset divorce: Is money the culprit?

It is has been said, "Money is the root of evil." While some may argue that the statement is not true and may list all the good money can do, it has been documented that it is often the main issue between couples and the number one cause of divorce. Some couples are able to work through financial stress, but when a high asset divorce cannot be avoided, Pennsylvania family law attorneys can help an individual spouse work through the difficult situation.

New laws may complicate a high assest divorce in 2019

Pennsylvania couples who are considering a divorce in the next few months will likely be affected by the federal Tax Cuts and Job Act that was recently enacted. Anyone involved in a high asset divorce will likely have to contend with the effects of the changes with how alimony will be taxed. Prior to 2019, alimony was tax deductible for the payor and taxable income for the payee. The new tax law has changed it up and the payor will now not be allowed to deduct any paid alimony from taxes, and the payee will not have to pay taxes on any alimony received.

Retirement, property division and the true cost of divorce

Divorce is a stressful process, and sometimes, a person may be tempted to allow his or her temporary emotions to drive decision-making. However, temporary emotions are rarely indicative of what is actually beneficial for the future, and Pennsylvania readers facing the prospect of divorce would be wise to think about their long-term interests. This is particularly important when negotiating property division settlements and addressing retirement accounts.

Finalizing a divorce in 2018 could make financial sense

Divorce always has a financial impact on both parties, and it is beneficial for each person about to move forward with this process to consider how to minimize the potentially negative effects it can have. Due to various factors, including changes to tax laws, it could be smart for a Pennsylvania couple to work to finalize their divorce before the end of the year. This effort could have certain financial benefits.

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