Mediation, collaborative and traditional litigation are different processes to approach a legal end to a marriage. Clients have often found it important to understand the differences between the three processes and which one may be the best option for their own high asset divorce. Many clients find a skilled Pennsylvania family law attorney helpful when beginning negotiations with their spouse.

In addition to determining the best legal approach to a divorce, there are numerous other decisions that have to be made. Unfortunately, the decisions often are made when emotions are raw and personal feelings hinder negotiations. The more emotion that may be left out of the process, the easier experts say it is to make the logistical decisions. A team of advisors, such as a family law attorney, an expert on taxes and a financial advisor, often are beneficial in assisting a client through the emotional aspects of the process.

The more an individual is aware of all financial statements and worth, the easier it is to begin understanding the separation of assets. Attorneys typically assist a client with filling out a Financial Affidavit, which is essential to begin legal negotiations with the other spouse. Once negotiations come near the end, a Marital Settlement Agreement will be written by an attorney. It is a long, detailed and important document listing out all the details of the terms of a divorce.

Marriage is a binding legal contract. It is certainly much easier to enter into a marriage contract than it is to end one. No matter the complexity that a high asset divorce may entail, the right Pennsylvania family law attorney will be an asset to a client’s support team.