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June 2018 Archives

Electronic connections can hinder high asset divorce

It is not just deciding who gets the house and the wedding gifts, and splitting bank accounts that have to occur before the end of a marriage; there is now a world of electronic connectivity that has to be disconnected. Couples are linked by smartphones, emails and sometimes social media accounts, making it a difficult situation when handling a sensitive high asset divorce. Pennsylvania family law attorneys would likely advise an electronic separation to occur well before a divorce is finalized.

Family law attorneys can fight for fathers' rights

It has not been uncommon for dads in some parts of the country to find themselves arrested and in jail on Father's Day every year. Reports indicate that some states have chosen to institute Father's Day raids to round up fathers who have not paid child support, while they are visiting their children. Because child support orders are mandated by the court, non-payment is often viewed as criminal. Dads who have been criminally charged would likely advise others in the divorce process to seek the help of a skilled Pennsylvania attorney who will advocate for a father's rights before an official order is made.

High asset divorce: Family law attorneys can be a support

Mediation, collaborative and traditional litigation are different processes to approach a legal end to a marriage. Clients have often found it important to understand the differences between the three processes and which one may be the best option for their own high asset divorce. Many clients find a skilled Pennsylvania family law attorney helpful when beginning negotiations with their spouse.

Child custody and summer vacations: Things you should know

If you're a Pennsylvania parent who has recently divorced, you undoubtedly will continue to interact with your ex as you move on in life simply because you have children together and must correspond regarding their lives, provision and care. While it may seem odd at first to have to live in accordance with a written, court-approved parenting plan, it's the state's way of protecting the rights and interests of all involved. 

Attorneys can help inviduals understand a high asset divorce

Reportedly, Angelina Jolie has felt frustration with the process of separating from her spouse Brad Pitt. Not having processed a high asset divorce before, she likely was unaware of ARTO, an automatic temporary restraining order that is in place to prevent one spouse from traveling with kids without the other spouse's consent through written permission or a court order. Once a divorce process begins in Pennsylvania there are several things a spouse must consider to prevent unnecessary hiccups or legal trouble.

Property division issues re divorce best handled by an attorney

Entering into a marriage is a big decision. Although most couples imagine growing old together, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. Because it is most often an emotional and painful process there are many mistakes that spouses make when negotiating the details of property division and divorce terms.  Pennsylvania couples considering a divorce may be interested in some tips of mistakes to avoid when getting a divorce.

Father neglects childs support payments but pays for storage

Most parents will attest that they want to best for the kids, which most often means financing their care, education and experiences. Unfortunately, not all parents agree to the same terms and care for their children, and some parents do not offer financial support. The lack of physical and/or monetary support from the other parent is typically stressful and often resorts to the use of a family attorney in Pennsylvania to intervene. Parents may be interested in one father's case that has made recent news due to his child support payments not being a financial priority.

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