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We Listen With Compassion

Property division can be difficult during a gray divorce

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | Property Division |

In Pennsylvania and across the country, a ‘gray divorce’ is one where a couple the age of 50 ends their marriage. Statistics indicate that it is the only age group in which divorces are increasing. Because many couples over the age of 50 have been married for many years, property division and other aspects of a separation can prove to be difficult and typically require the help of a skilled family law attorney.

Because gray divorces are the only ones on the rise, many people are curious to discover the reason for the increase. Some point to the fact that people over the age of 50 are part of the baby boomer generation, many of whom are now in their retirement years. It is also speculated that the increase could be due to the fact that men and women are living longer, allowing for the increased possibility that the parties may choose to divorce.

Interviews with men and women who divorced after the age of 50 focused on why their marriages ended. Some couples simply grew apart over the years. Other marriages ended due to infidelity, or views on marriage have changed in the last several decades, making divorces more acceptable. Money management and resentment about how children were raised were reported by some men as the final straw. Women reported various abuses such as substance, pornography, emotional and verbal abuse as reasons to why they ended a marriage after many years.

When a gray divorce occurs, the couple involved has often been married for many years, even decades. When couples have shared years together, they likely also share significant wealth and property. Pennsylvania family law attorneys can assist an individual with the best approach to property division concerns in order to achieve a favorable settlement.

Source:, “Here’s Why Baby Boomers Are Getting Divorced”, Jocelyn Crowley, May 7, 2018


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