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We Listen With Compassion

Man fights for fathers’ rights in child support

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Fathers' Rights |

Pennsylvania family courts often have a difficult job. Evidence and difference of opinions must be heard by both parties to determine the best options for child support and custody of shared children between divorcing spouses. One gubernatorial candidate in another state is claiming that his fathers’ rights have been ignored by a family court in his divorce case, and he hopes to be elected to office to bring change and awareness that some fathers face.

The man has been married twice and has three children between the two marriages. Although he was recently ordered to pay child support fees that had been unpaid to his first wife of $15,989, he claims that the child support payments for his first child were reasonable. On the other hand, he claims that the child support payments for his other two children were not reasonable and has created significant financial stress.

The man’s second child support order required him to pay $1,168 a month, half of their tuition, child care and extracurricular activities. He states that between all three of his kids, he is required to pay $2,500 a month. Because he has struggled to make the payments, he has spent time in jail and has resorted to sleeping on the couches of friends. In the process of divorce, he also claims that he was falsely accused of abuse to his children because his former wife disagreed with his disciplinary technique for his children.

Although most parents want to support and care for their children, the financial implications of some child support orders are difficult to maintain for some. The right Pennsylvania family law attorney will negotiate for fathers’ rights as well as the best interests of shared children. Attorneys remain an asset if life circumstances warrant a request for an altercation in child support payments in the future.

Source:, “Father’s rights fuel Antioch Libertarian’s bid for governor“, Marni Pyke and Lee FIlas, May 14, 2018


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