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We Listen With Compassion

Man tries to reduce child support payments through forgery

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | Child Support |

Relationships often end as a result of betrayal, distrust, lack of compatibility, financial troubles and more. To separate property, wealth and time with children, couples often use the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that everything processes as smoothly as possible. With the assistance of the right lawyer, some couples are able to achieve amicable divorces, child support and custody agreements. Pennsylvania couples seeking a divorce may be interested in one couple’s unusual process.

According to the former wife, the couple decided to amicably end their 10-year marriage. She reports that they had decided together how to divide their property, child support payments and child custody arrangements. However, the woman has accused her former husband of filing false and forged divorce papers without her presence, containing terms that were not in their agreement. In the false papers, child support payments were less and his visitation time with his son was increased.

To complicate matters for the former husband, he was in the Navy and, at some point during the divorce process, went AWOL. He was later issued a discharge from the Navy. In addition to troubles with the Navy, social media posts may indicate that he may have married another woman while still married to his former wife. The man recently pleaded guilty to forgery and perjury charges in criminal court in relation to the forged divorce documents. The divorce was officially finalized with the wife’s knowledge, but the man’s child support payments increased, his visitation with his son was eliminated, and he owed thousands in other payments and legal fees to his former wife.

No matter how amicable a relationship may end, the process is difficult. The right family law attorney in Pennsylvania can advocate for a client’s desired outcome, appropriate child support payments and visitation without a client needing to risk criminal charges. Lawyers remain of assistance for questions or concerns that may arise after all agreements are finalized.

Source:, “Port Orchard man forges wife’s name on divorce papers“, Andrew Binion and Kitsap Sun, April 2, 2018


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