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April 2018 Archives

Property division: Car sawed in half 30 years ago

When most Pennsylvania couples marry, they merge lives, property, wealth and begin to acquire more property together. Couples that have divorced can likely attest that property division is often one of the most difficult aspects of the entire process. Decades ago, half a car appeared on the side of the road in another state with a sign on it, making it appear as if the owner's former spouse got the other half of the vehicle.

Should schools be informed of child custody agreements?

It is not surprising that divorcing couples who share children might continue to experience disagreements in the years following the initial court order. When disagreements over child custody arise, Pennsylvania family law attorneys are available to offer advice on any legal options to explore. Sometimes parents encounter issues with a child's school not enforcing child custody terms and may need further assistance to ensure proper handling.

What should you know about the estate administration process?

When a person passes away, loved ones and other parties must deal with the responsibility of administering the estate. This is the process of gathering assets and distributing them according to the will. In some cases, estate administration can be quite complex, and if you are facing this task, it can be beneficial to learn more about what to expect from this process. 

Bird nesting: A novel approach to child custody arrangements

Deciding to start divorce proceedings is only the first decision to be made in an often emotional process. Among the more complicated decisions involved may revolve around child custody and living arrangements for the entire family. Pennsylvania parents considering divorce may be interested in a new trend called bird nesting when considering future living arrangements.

High asset divorce: Can therapists help the process?

Trained counselors and therapists exist to help with many aspects of life. Couples in Pennsylvania who are considering a high asset divorce likely are aware of the services therapists can offer to married couples, and many couples may have received counseling. Recently, several therapists were interviewed to find out if they ever suggest that a couple end their marriage.

Man tries to reduce child support payments through forgery

Relationships often end as a result of betrayal, distrust, lack of compatibility, financial troubles and more. To separate property, wealth and time with children, couples often use the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that everything processes as smoothly as possible. With the assistance of the right lawyer, some couples are able to achieve amicable divorces, child support and custody agreements. Pennsylvania couples seeking a divorce may be interested in one couple's unusual process.

Child support can be difficult to pay for some

Couples who have processed a divorce in Pennsylvania can likely attest to the expense a couple can expect following a divorce. Because couples begin paying for more than one place of residence either before or following a divorce, expenses that were combined are often doubled. In addition, some divorce agreements order one spouse to pay the other alimony and/or child support to assist in the care of any shared children. While making ordered alimony and/or child support payments can be stressful, it is no reason to disappear as a man in another state is accused of doing after having failed to make multiple payments.

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