Despite sharing a bloodline, family members can have bitter and ugly arguments. Unfortunately for some families, disagreements often center around the care and upbringing of shared children, and children often get caught in the middle. Pennsylvania residents may be interested in the details of one family’s controversial child custody battle.

The parents of a newborn baby girl were still getting acquainted with their infant when she was unexpectedly removed from their care at the hospital. The mother of the child is Native American, but the father is not. The couple claim that without warning, police entered the hospital where their daughter had recently been delivered and was removed her from their care. Apparently, police officers were accompanied by tribal police who had a tribal court order that the 28-year-old mother no longer had custody of her daughter.

The young mother also has two other older children from another relationship. Her own mother obtained custody of the infant after making a claim that the infant’s father abused the older children. The parents of the newborn claim that the accusations are false. The couple has countered the abuse claims, asserting that the grandmother requested custody because she was upset that the baby’s father is not Native American.

Sadly, difficult child custody between family members is not unusual. Family law attorneys in Pennsylvania have experience with sensitive difficult cases and are able to help advise clients through the process. Attorneys help to advocate for the best interest of the child during the process and any questions or concerns that arise later.

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