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March 2018 Archives

Complicated child custody dispute between mother and daughter

Despite sharing a bloodline, family members can have bitter and ugly arguments. Unfortunately for some families, disagreements often center around the care and upbringing of shared children, and children often get caught in the middle. Pennsylvania residents may be interested in the details of one family's controversial child custody battle.

Disputes over family pets become part of property division

Pennsylvania couples going through a divorce have to make a staggering number of decisions. Aside from child custody, which is the primary issue for couples with minor children, property division comes in a close second. Determining how to divvy up marital assets and household goods can take up a large percentage of divorce negotiations. For some, disputes over who should keep the family pet(s) become something of a hybrid between a custody fight and property division issue. 

Do I need a power of attorney?

When most people think of estate planning, they think of what will happen to their assets after they die. Estate planning is much more than that, though. Protecting yourself in the event of mental or physical incapacitation is also a very important part of the estate planning process. This is something Pennsylvania residents can do with a legal document known as a power of attorney.

Property division: Retirment accounts require expertise to split

Many Pennsylvania couples who are divorcing may face legal battles over their retirement accounts. The battle is often significant because a couple's retirement account or accounts often reflect their largest financial nest egg. Any individual approaching divorce and beginning property division negotiations will want to make sure he or she has secured the right family law attorney to ensure a smooth and penalty-free transfer of retirement assets.

Housewife Shannon Beador in child custody dispute with husband

Reality television shows have been popular for many years now. Shows such as the "Real Housewives of Orange County" are often full of drama, making it interesting for viewers in Pennsylvania and across the country. Because it is a show that loosely follows the real life of several different women, it often showcases the real-life heartache and triumphs for some of the show's participants. For Shannon Beador, it has highlighted her heartbreaking divorce. She and her husband are currently negotiating their child custody agreement.

Can prenupital agreeements assist in a high asset divorce?

Following an engagement, many Pennsylvania couples will quickly begin to make several wedding plans. Wedding venues, photographers, musicians, officiants and more are booked prior to a wedding. Many couples are now drafting a prenuptial agreement to their pre-wedding plans. While it is becoming more common for couples of all economic statuses to consider an agreement, prenuptial agreements can be especially helpful in the event of an unexpected high asset divorce.

Shaving mug collection is contentious property division dispute

No matter how long a couple has been married, a divorce is always a possibility. Typically, the longer a couple is married, the more complicated property division can be. One couple has 70 years of property, wealth and emotion to untangle between the two of them following their divorce. Pennsylvania couples contemplating divorce will likely be interested in one of the elderly couple's current disputes.

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