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We Listen With Compassion

Man uses counterfiet money to pay child support

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2018 | Child Support |

It is often said, “Raising a child takes a village.” It also takes a lot of money, time and patience. Understandably, raising children is considerably harder when one parent is left alone to raise a child or children without the other. Fortunately, Pennsylvania attorneys can assist single parents in requesting the assistance of the other parent financially. One man in another state is accused of trying to dodge his child support payments by offering counterfeit money.

The father paid his $190 child support payment that was due to be given to the mother of his child. As part of his payment, a counterfeit $100 bill was submitted. Although the bill looked very similar to a legitimate $100 bill, the county clerk processing the payment noticed the difference and alerted authorities.

The father claims to not have noticed the words on the bill that stated “For Motion Picture Use Only” and is unaware of where he obtained it. According to authorities, the incident could result in jail time for the man. The prosecutor’s office has been made aware of the offense, and it is unknown at this time if the prosecutor will file charges.

Parents can likely attest that a lack of funds can hinder a child’s health and well-being, especially in circumstances where basic needs cannot be met. Pennsylvania family law attorneys understand the frustration and desperation a single parent may feel when child support payments are not received. Any parent who has struggled to receive court-ordered child support payments could benefit from understanding the available legal options to secure payment.

Source:, “Man pays girlfriend’s child support with fake $100 bill, police say“, Bob Johnson, Feb. 20, 2018


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