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We Listen With Compassion

Dad avoids paying $560,000 in child support payments for 20 years

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Child Support |

In Pennsylvania and across the country, raising children is expensive. It is expensive to give birth, educate, fund activities, clothe and feed children. Most parents who maintain physical custody of any shared children find it essential to receive financial support from the other parent, which is typically included in a child support order issued by a family court. One father decided to ignore his court-ordered payments and was delinquent on his child support payments totaling over $500,000 for over 20 years.

The dad was caught in Canada after allegedly attempting to scam a restaurant out of some money. According to the former restaurant owner, the man was a routine customer and was well-liked by the staff. On one occasion, he claimed that he broke some dental work on a maraschino cherry pit. The owner found this odd because the type of cherries in his drink did not usually contain pits. Furthering his suspicion that the incident was a scam was a  handwritten dental report that the customer submitted in connection with his claim for the damage done to his oral cavity.

The owner decided to google the man’s name and stumbled on a Facebook page by his son stating the man’s delinquent child support payments. After alerting authorities, it was determined that the man had been hiding from U.S. authorities to avoid delinquent child support payments. In 1989, he had been ordered to pay $100 a month for his four children, but the payments were later reduced to $14 a month when the father claimed he could not afford his payments. Years later, he sold a successful online company for almost $2 million and, allegedly, did not make any financial contributions to his children. He has been transferred to U.S. authorities.

Fortunately, most parents who are delinquent on child support payments do not flee the country. Most stay within the country and some parents may find that a family law attorney in Pennsylvania can explain legal methods to encourage payments. Parents likely will find attorneys to be a valuable resource until a shared child or children reaches adulthood.

Source: Newsweek, “‘Deadbeat’ Dad Owes $560,000 in Child Support, Arrested After 20 Years“, Ewan Palmer, Feb. 23, 2018


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