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We Listen With Compassion

Couple granted high asset divorce after 70 years of marraige

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

Love, marriage and even divorce are all possible at any age. Many Pennsylvania couples suffering through a high asset divorce will likely understand the pain that an elderly couple in another state has experienced. The divorce trial was short, but it contained testimonies and accusations of a love affair, hiding money in pillows, stealing and family bitterness.

Although the married couple had remained married for 70 years, the wife sought a divorce. She is 89 years old and her husband is 90. Over the years the couple has built an empire of real estate and wealth estimated to be around $500 million. Together they own prestigious shops, restaurants, office buildings and other valuable land in more than one state. If the wife died prior to the divorce, her heirs would only be entitled to 30 percent of the couple’s empire but divorced, she and her children were entitled to 50 percent.

Prior to the trial, the husband accused his three adult children from stealing from him over the years and holding various properties hostage; he even refused to acknowledge them as his children in court. The wife accused the husband of being in love with another woman and hiding some assets. Apparently, the husband admitted to hiding up to $2,200 inside of a pillow following his wife’s divorce filing. A judge quickly made the decision to grant the divorce to the elderly couple, fearing that sorting through the financial and legal issues of the couple’s large empire might not be accomplished before the death of either party.

Couples who have negotiated contested divorce proceedings can attest that it is not an easy process. A high asset divorce can further make the process complicated. Fortunately, Pennsylvania family law attorneys are experienced to handle difficult divorce cases and can offer valuable assistance throughout the process.

Source:, “Judge: Handelsman marriage broken; trial now on property division”, Jane Musgrave, Feb. 5, 2018


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