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February 2018 Archives

Man uses counterfiet money to pay child support

It is often said, "Raising a child takes a village." It also takes a lot of money, time and patience. Understandably, raising children is considerably harder when one parent is left alone to raise a child or children without the other. Fortunately, Pennsylvania attorneys can assist single parents in requesting the assistance of the other parent financially. One man in another state is accused of trying to dodge his child support payments by offering counterfeit money.

Dad avoids paying $560,000 in child support payments for 20 years

In Pennsylvania and across the country, raising children is expensive. It is expensive to give birth, educate, fund activities, clothe and feed children. Most parents who maintain physical custody of any shared children find it essential to receive financial support from the other parent, which is typically included in a child support order issued by a family court. One father decided to ignore his court-ordered payments and was delinquent on his child support payments totaling over $500,000 for over 20 years.

Could a high asset divorce be affected by the new tax code?

When couples separate, there is a lot of emotion throughout the process. In addition, there are numerous logistical decisions that must be made, as couples often become more intertwined than they realize. Potential living accommodations, possible selling of shared property, the care of children and separation of bank accounts are just a few of the decisions that have to be made. Pennsylvania couples who anticipate a high asset divorce in the next year may be interested in understanding how the new tax code may affect their alimony negotiations.

Covering your financial bases following the end of a marriage

If you are going through the end of a marriage, you may be facing a variety of difficult decisions, many of which could have an impact on your life. One area that may be of concern for you is the uncertainty involved in how your divorce will affect your financial future.

Couple granted high asset divorce after 70 years of marraige

Love, marriage and even divorce are all possible at any age. Many Pennsylvania couples suffering through a high asset divorce will likely understand the pain that an elderly couple in another state has experienced. The divorce trial was short, but it contained testimonies and accusations of a love affair, hiding money in pillows, stealing and family bitterness.

Child custody: Parents disagreed over daugther's burial

Many Pennsylvania couples need a family law court to intervene and mediate in disputes following a divorce. Some disputes may revolve around child custody and support until any shared children reach adulthood. A family law court recently intervened between a couple in an unusual custody dispute between two parents.

High asset divorce: Is a divorce party right for you?

After spending any amount of time being married, it is understandable the heartache that a pending divorce may foster. Pennsylvania couples who are processing a high asset divorce may be interested to learn about a new trend following a divorce. Apparently, many people are finding ways to commemorate the finalization of their divorce in creative ways.

Are Pennsylvania parents recieving their child support?

Parenting is a life-long job. It is a job that comes with little training and many expenses instead of income. Because of relationship failure and the divorce rate, there are parents who maintain primary legal and physical custody of any shared children. Without the other parent's daily assistance, it may make any parenting job a little more difficult. Because family law courts in Pennsylvania do recognize that it is difficult for one parent to bear the majority of the burden for the care and financing of children, one parent may be ordered to contribute child support monthly.

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