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We Listen With Compassion

Father’s rights: Audrina Patridge’s husband seeks joint custody

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2018 | Fathers' Rights |

The realities of marriage and dealing with the day-to-day life of one can be challenging for many Pennsylvania couples. Some parents may decide that life apart would be the best choice for all involved, but decisions can be difficult when it comes to their children. Proceeding with a divorce not only requires decisions on property division, financial support but also the finance and care of the couple’s children. Corey Bohan is fighting for his father’s rights during divorce negotiations and is seeking joint legal and physical custody of his daughter with Audrina Patridge.

News of Patridge’s divorce surfaced again following recent social media posts she made. She posted hope to be positive in the new year in light of the tumultuous year she shared with her husband Bohan. Before the couple’s first anniversary, Patridge filed for divorce.

Last year, Patridge accused Bohan of domestic violence and had a restraining order placed against him. The events surrounding the alleged incident are unknown, but Bohan has made his own wishes regarding the divorce clear. He has requested joint legal and physical custody of their daughter as well as spousal support from Patridge. He asks that Patridge be responsible for the legal fees of their divorce and has requested that she not be granted child support.

Fathers such as Bohan who wish to remain a part of their children’s lives in the face of domestic violence accusations often find the assistance of a family law attorney helpful through the process. No matter the circumstances, Pennsylvania family law attorneys can advocate for a father’s rights and any concerns regarding their children. Attorneys can continue services in the years following a divorce if and when life circumstances warrant a change in the original divorce or child support agreement. 

Source:, “Audrina Patridge striving for forgiveness amid Corey Bohan divorce“, Francesca Bacardi, Jan. 2, 2018


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