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October 2017 Archives

Prenuptial agreement can ease property division for older spouses

For those Pennsylvania residents who are considering tying the knot later in life, drafting a prenuptial agreement is a wise move. Without such an agreement, it is possible to lose a significant portion of retirement savings during property division. That outcome can drastically change one's retirement outlook and can also create a need to live on far less than anticipated.

Factoring Social Security benefits into property division

Many Pennsylvania residents fail to consider how Social Security comes into play during the course of their divorce. This is especially true for spouses who are decades away from retirement age, and for whom Social Security is little more than an abstract concept. In reality, however, Social Security benefits and divorce are closely connected and should be considered when creating a property division settlement.

Could a rapist receive child custody rights?

When a child is born by means of sexual assault, people are forced to re-examine their definition of the terms "mother" and "father." While a rapist may certainly meet the definition of biological father, virtually no one would argue that he shouldn't be allowed to play a role in that child's life. Pennsylvania readers may be shocked to hear that a child custody case in a different state forced a woman to file a paternity matter against the man who raped her when she was only 12 years of age.

Is your ex stalking you?

From time to time, everyone gets the feeling someone is watching them. The feeling may be especially strong after watching a scary movie or reading about a terrible crime. However, you may be living your own nightmare if you are going through the divorce process and your ex is stalking you.

Dissipation can lead to unfair property division outcomes

For many Pennsylvania residents, the sheer volume of tasks that must be accomplished during the course of a divorce can feel overwhelming. That can be especially true in cases where one spouse allowed his or her partner to handle the bulk of family finances. Failure to understand the full scope of marital assets makes it impossible to negotiate a fair and favorable division of wealth during the property division process.

Some child custody cases more complex than others

Very often, Pennsylvania residents will hear or see media coverage of a custody battle that includes sensational details. Many times, these cases make for good television but often fail to reflect the realities of the matter. There are child custody cases in which parents are maligned and humiliated long before the full facts emerge. An example might be found in a recent case that has made headlines across the nation.

Child custody, child support and your tax return

For many Pennsylvania residents going through a divorce, next year's tax return is likely the furthest thing from their minds. However, it is important to understand the implications that various divorce decisions will have on one's tax obligations. In regard to child custody and child support, there are numerous ways that a parent's tax return might be impacted.

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