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September 2017 Archives

Child custody dispute leads to mother's arrest

When two Pennsylvania parents are unable to see eye-to-eye over matters involving the care and custody of a shared child, it is important that both sides take a reasonable and measured approach. Allowing emotions to overwhelm reason can lead to serious negative outcomes. An example is found in the recent arrest of a mother who tried to flee with her child after a child custody battle.

Child custody dispute centers on vaccination debate

Many Pennsylvania parents begin their divorce process in the belief that custody issues will not lead to a contentious debate. Unfortunately, not all of those parents will be correct in that assessment. Very often, parents respond to reality of a divorce with an intense level of anger and bitterness, even when all parties agree that the marriage is no longer functioning. In such cases, child custody issues can dominate not only the divorce, but the years to follow.

Should unmarried parents have separate child custody courtrooms?

In today's society, what was once considered the traditional American family is no longer the norm. A family unit comprised of a mother, father and one or more natural children is not the only socially acceptable option, in Pennsylvania or elsewhere. However, some courts across the country choose to handle child custody matters involving unwed parents differently from those in which the parties are or were married.

Could collaborative law help you reach a custody agreement?

In recent years, more parents with family law issues have turned to alternative methods of resolving their disputes instead of going to court. The days of "airing dirty laundry" in open court are largely reserved for Hollywood entertainment. Not only do people not want the expensive and time-consuming court experience, but they also want to reach an agreement with which everyone can live.

Inmates face particular property division challenges

When a Pennsylvania resident is incarcerated, he or she is largely cut off from the outside world. That can pose a problem in cases where the inmate wishes to seek a divorce. Very often, divorce, child custody and property division are matters that are nearly impossible to navigate while behind bars.

The role of business valuation during property division

Owning a successful business is often the culmination of many years of dedication, toil and sacrifice. For many Pennsylvania residents, building their business and supporting that growth has been the primary focus of their adult lives. When a divorce seems inevitable, many business owners are understandably concerned about how the property division process will impact their bottom line.

Financial advisors and high asset divorce cases

For many Pennsylvania residents, navigating the waters of divorce can feel like an overwhelming prospect. That is especially true for families that have complex property division needs. For those who are preparing for a high asset divorce, it may be beneficial to add the services of a financial advisor to the divorce team.

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